Bethany is my star

This story is about my normal life as a teenager. Watching youtuve videos. Of course I´m watching the beauty guru Bethany mota aka. Macbarbie07.
I´m just a normal teenager dying to meet her. Who knows maybee that happens?


6. Giveaway winner



Today I woke up with a strange feeling. I felt kind of like when you´re so happy but something doesn´t feel right. I hurried to check my computer. Bethany hadn´t made a video yet. I went to the kitchen where my sister and brother where eating breakfast. Celia looked at me and then at her food again.

Chris: So what do you wanna do today.

Emily: Just wanna hang at home at my computer and wait for a Bethany video.

Celia: You know she might not notice you right?

Emily: I know... but she already did..

Celia: Are you kidding how??

Emily: I met her at Aeropostale..

Celia: OMG I thought you´d just gotten a text from her.. this is even better.

Emily: Yearh I know..

Celia: Aren´t you happy?

Emily: Of coarse I am.. and I´ve WUN THE GIVEAWAY!!!

Celia: OMFG...

Emily: I know.. I´m so happy.

Chris: I have abselutely no idea of what you guys are talking about.

I left the kitchen with my breakfast in my hand.

When I´d gotten back my phone started buzzing. I´t was a text.

*To: Emily

 From: Joanna*

Hey! You wanna hang today?


*To: Joanna

From: Emily*

Yes.. but come over to my place I have something to tell you.


I went upstairs and put on my clothes. When I got down there he was... Josh.... I turned around and left the room.. He started running after me. But just as he almost got me Joanna came into the room.

Joanna: What the h*ll are you doing here?

Josh: I came to see my baby.

Emily: I am NOT your baby okay?

Josh: Yes you are. You are just mad at me.

Emily: Hey you got one right. Now leave.

Josh: But babe...

Emily: LEAVE

Josh left the room and when I heard the door slamming I ran downstairs.

Emily: Celia where are you?

Celia: I´m right here.. am I in trouble.
Emily: Why did you let Josh in?

Celia: Was Josh here?

I turned around and ran to Chris´ room.

Chris: Hey sis.

Emily: What the h*ll are you doing?

Chris: I´m playing a game...

Emily: NOOOO... Why did you let Josh in?

Chris: He asked for it.

Emily: He is my ex-boyfriend.....!

Chris: Oh sorry..

Emily: Sorry? Is that all you´ve got?

Chris: Okay listen I am sorry and it wing happen again.

Emily: Thank you

I finally went into my own room and there Joanna was on the bed.

Emily: Sorry about that.

Joanna: That doesn´t matter.

Em (Short for Emily): Okay but I am sorry anyway.

Jo (Short for Joanna): Okay so what did you wanna tell me?

Em: I just want to talk to you about something.

Jo: Sure what is it.

Em: I think you should have half the giveaway. You know... we can split it.

Jo: OMG.. Em... That´s so sweet.

Em: Do you mind if I check the computer?

Jo: Noo not at all.

I went to the computer and there it was... Bethany had uploaded her giveaway winner video. I clicked on it and started watching the video.


*Okay I know I made a chapter yesterday. But I felt like making another one and I kind of feel like this is a long one. Anyway hope you enjoyed it and I´ll maybe write again later today:-)*

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