Bethany is my star

This story is about my normal life as a teenager. Watching youtuve videos. Of course I´m watching the beauty guru Bethany mota aka. Macbarbie07.
I´m just a normal teenager dying to meet her. Who knows maybee that happens?


4. Bethany Mota



Today I woke up very tired. I went down stairs and there was Celia. She was sooo happy. I called Joanna.

Emily: OMG... Yesterday I met Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

Joanna: WHAT?!? You gotta be kidding?

Emily: Nope. They gave me tickets to hisnext concert.

Joanna: I think I´m gonna die.

Emily: Relax.

Joanna: Can we go shopping later?

Emily: Sure.

Joanna: Bye

I went to my room and watched some Pretty Little Liars until it was 3pm. I went to the mall. I met Joanna at Victoria´s Secret. We bought some bras and went to Aeropostale because I wanned some clothes. I was looking for a scarf and there she was. With her camera. Bethany!!! I started screaming and Beth looked at me. She smiled at me and I started blacking out. Beth ran over to me and I just starred at her.

Bethany: Are you ok?


*Ok so that was everything for this time. I hope you enjoyed the chapter. See you later*

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