Some call it L.O.V.E?

Hi I'm Mary and this is my life. I don't know what Love is I never had parents to teach me I was in and out of foster homes for multiple reasons, but really just one. Men are pigs, snap judgement I know but I haven't met one man to be kind and respectful of me. Until the boys and my aunt in uncle in the UK. Their love was Love.


1. Finally getting away?

     "WAKE UP YOU WORTHLESS PEICE OF CRAP! YOUR OUTTA HEAR SOMEONE FINALLY WANTS YOU", said the man I had been living with for about a year now. "Really", I said with hopeful eyes. "No I'm messing with you, yes really get your Ass in the car your going to the UK." He said with ore then a smile on his face and left. "Hurry up!" I heard him yell.

    This is it Mary your leaving not coming or looking back. Maybe the people you are with will be nice who knows. I thought to myself. "Come on I don't have all fucking day", he yelled again. I ran around my room packing everything I wanted, which wasn't much because I really don't need bad memories if I'm going half way around the world I'm going start fresh. So I grabbed what mattered most my journal my phone and my bear. I know that sounds lame, but he's the closest thing I have to my parents. "Lets go I've already walked to China and back" I don't what he says I'n not going to be sad today.

   I threw it in a bag and ran down stairs to the what he called his pride and joy, and what I called a death trap waiting to happen.  It was on old yellow jeep it had rust all over, so calling it yellow was a stretch; the steering wheel was beaten up pretty bad; the clutch aways moved out of place, and to top it all off the engine always gave out.none of that mattered now because within the next few hours I would be away from him.

  Finally we are here. Thud! "Ow why did you do that" I asked "You weren't moving and i need you gone my wife is coming home", "More like the Bitch from hell", I said under my breath. Unfortunately he heard me. He got out of the car walked over with steam practically coming out of his years. He opened the door, and dragged me out by my hair; threw me against the pavement and kicked my repeatedly. "What did you say" he yelled. "You wanna say it again I didn't hear you properly", He yelled once more. I said nothing I could the pain was unbearable I just cried and cried.  "Yeah that's what I thought, damn I feel bad for the dumb ass taking your worthless self in." He said with a chuckle.

   I got up and He pushed me again but this time Harder and I stumbled, I skid my knee pretty bad ad that's when I remembered, I was in only in my Pj's. My I heart Cali hoodie and pajama shorts that said Pink on the butt. I got up, but I wanted to get away from him so bad I didn't other to wipe the gravel from my bleeding cut, I just ran. He ran after me "Wait, you can't leave without this", he said and he handed me a wallet with loads of money in it and a paper that had a number and the name Paul on it.

"What is this, why are you giving my this?"

"Because I can't take the money it's not American, and I don't give a fuck who Paul is. The wallet is Purple and I hate that color." 

"Thank you", I know he didn't deserve it, but I couldn't leave without saying  it.

"Why I have done nothing for you"

"But you have, I am ready to go out and be my own person you let me go and won't be hurt by you anymore. You have shown me a side of people I never thought to exist and; last, but not least you've taught me that trust isn't easily given or gotten. So I thank you, but I hat you more then anything else in the world."

"Your welcome I hate you too, but you paid the bills so I wasn't willing to give you up"

   In some twisted way I think he was being nice to me for a change, and then he smacked me. "What are you doing to me I never say that get out of my face right now" He yelled. Off I went through all the security. When I got to where they check your passport I remembered I don't have one, but I had a ticket and everything else so I told the women that she spoke with security and they let me through. she was so kind I had never met someone so kind before.

   Beep Beep Beep, huh whats that I thought and then I say this guy being patted down. I tapped the person in front of me. "Excuse me what's that?" I asked scared and confused. "Oh it's just a scanner it checks for weapons of any sort" nothing to be scared of", He was so kind. "Oh thank you." It took a while to get through but when I got there it didn't take long to check my bag and walk me through. Now were do I go, oh the ticket it says the gate number. Umm I think I leave from C32. I walked in that direction, and passed by some stores. I should probably buy pants, a blanket and a pillow it's an 8hour flight. 

   I walked in the store and saw the cutest pants. they were purple sweat pants with sequins on the waste band. I was in luck they had them in a size small. i then went and bought just a plane pillow and a blue blanket. I was ready for take off. Even though it was my first flight ever and I was all alone. It didn't matter I still couldn't believe after everythingI have gone threw I'm finally getting away I hope.


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