The Cleaning Lady

What happens when a young girl is force to clean house in order to survive after her parents left her in a terrible time. The new house she cleans will she fine love or hate?


4. The wounder

   Liam's prov

" Well that was kind of weird " I said thinking to myself. She just walk out and we couldn't really hear her name, which was kind of rude of us. So instead of just watching her walk out so I deiced I would go and follow her. " Where you going Liam? " ask Niall. " I'm going to go follow her I think she is hiding something " I said in a hurry and just walk out. She was walking towards the neighborhood but than turn into an alley for a second. I thought that was kind of weird but than I realized she was just a poor person making a living and now living in our house. At first I felt disgusted but than realized she just wanted a place to stay and have a family. I wounder what happen to hers? Before I could even move she saw me and ask what I was doing. I didn't want to lie to her because I feel bad for doing that so I just told her the truth  " I followed you here because I knew you where hiding something But I just didn't know what it was." I said in not a too harsh of a tone. " WHAT WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT... I mean how much did you see. Did you see where I was? Sorry I didn't mean to yell? Can I please stay please " She was saying this all so fast and like she was scared " It's okay of course you can stay but can I just ask why you are living out here? " " I don't like to talk about it that much it is really personal " she said kind of sad " Well when your ready I'm always here if you need me " In the nicest way I can. I didn't want her to feel left out I wanted her to feel like part of the family so why not start now?

We deiced to get to know each other better while walking to the house. Turns out she is a super funny person shy at some times and loves food. She is kind of like a girl Niall, but when we got to the house we heard yelling and deiced to see what was going on. " YOU ALWAYS DO THIS YOU ALWAYS SCREW IT UP " shouted Zayn at Niall " HOW WAS I SUPPOSE TO KNOW THAT WOULD HAPPEN " Niall yelled back. I look over at Kiana ( That's her name ) and she look so scared and shock she fell curled in a ball in the corner like she just had a bad memory of some sort. 

------- AUTHOR NOTE ---------------

Sorry it's short I have a lot of homework and it is really late

and what you think happen and what memory?

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