The Cleaning Lady

What happens when a young girl is force to clean house in order to survive after her parents left her in a terrible time. The new house she cleans will she fine love or hate?


8. That morning breakfast

Kiana's prov 

" So were are we getting breakfast at? " I ask. " Well I usually go to McDonald they have good pancakes.... but wherever you want is fine.  " he said excited than went down to a talk. " McDonald is lovely but beware I can eat like a pig. " After I said that I immediately regretted it, now I know for sure he won't be talking to me for awhile. " Really you do? " he ask. " Ya sorry that was kind..  " before I could even finish Niall said " Don't say sorry that is awesome I never meet a girl who can eat! " I just smiled 

30 mins

 After we got done eating it was about 8. " I better get back I have to cook you guys breakfast. " " Thank you for taking me to get some early breakfast  you didn't have to. " All I said was " No problem anytime it was fun. " and with that off to the kitchen I go. One of the maid name Jalie show me were everything is and the basic stuff, so I started cooking right away. I ask one of the maid that has been here for a while and ask if it was okay if I could listen to music while I cook. They said " sure ". 

While I was cooking the breakfast for the boys I listen to some music, I was listening to one of my favorite " Little Things " by One Direction ( this really is my favorite song ). While I was cooking I started to sing quietly, but apparently I was louder than I think. I was almost done with the food and I was singing Niall part. 

" You never love yourself as much as I love you

You'll never treat yourself right darling but I want you to

If i let you know I'm here for you

Maybe you'll love yourself like I love you oh "

That is when I got a tap on the shoulder


___________________________Author Note______________________________________


Sorry I haven't been updating in a whole I have been busy I will start upload new chapters every  Friday or Saturday the latest if I don't during the week

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