The Cleaning Lady

What happens when a young girl is force to clean house in order to survive after her parents left her in a terrible time. The new house she cleans will she fine love or hate?


5. Chapter 5

Kiana's prov

  When Liam found me seem got of angry at first but than soften up and started to ask me a lot of question even the one of what happen to your parents and why are you out in the streets. I told him that I don't like to talk about it and he was pretty nice about it and said I could tell him any time I needed to with that statement I knew we where going to be close. Before heading back to the house ( Louis house that i forgot to mention ) we went to the mall and got me some clothes so I have enough to go about one week in. When we enter the house Zayn and Niall where yelling at each other. " YOU ALWAYS DO THIS YOU ALWAYS SCREW IT UP " Zayn yelled " HOW WAS I SUPPOSE TO KNOW THAT WOULD HAPPEN " Niall shouted back. Those words they sound so familiar I couldn't remember why but than it hit me those are the same words that my parents where yelling and with my responds. I started to cry and ended up crying in a corner in the ball without even noticing. " GUYS....GUYS stop yelling at each other  "  Liam said " Hey guys not that anyone is noticing but Kiana is crying on the ground " Louis said. Just after that sentence was made Liam was the first one over to my side followed by the rest of the boys " Omg gosh are you okay? " he said with full concern. I look straight into those big brown eyes full of care and said with the best fake smile I could come up with at the sport" Ya, totally just had a rush of cold air no biggy  " trying to convince them all that I was okay when in reality I wasn't. when I looked up at their faces they all look scared, but Niall's face look like he was scared I was going to leave which was really weird because where else would I go? " You sure it didn't look like it " Harry said. " I am I promise " I said while standing up. I started to pick up the stuff that me and Liam bought today when I got a helping hand. I was shock that somebody actually help me so I look to see who it was. I was surprise it wasn't Liam but Niall. " Thank you for helping me " I said after we put everything away " No problem love anytime " he said I swear in the cutest Irish accent ever and with that he left me alone in my new room where I will now be staying in for what I hope for the rest of my life.


--------------- Author Note -------------


Sorry I didn't update in a while I have been really busy with the vacation we just had and exams coming up I hope you guys like it and please tell me if it's good or not and if I should add something thanks :) 

P.S. I didn't know what to called the chapter sorry

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