Changes deep inside

a story about my life (real story). see what I lived.


1. first memories

30th of November 2013 :

I was watching old family photographs when one arrived, it's the last photo where all my family on my mother's side was reunited. 2004, so far, on this photo there's my great grand-mother, my grand-parents, my parents, my aunt and her husband with my cousin (Marie), my other aunt and her 4 kids (Patrice, Hervé, Sheridan and Angel), my uncle, my brother and me.

Patrice, his name lingers in my mind. My cousin... No, more... my brother, that's how I considered him. and that's how I remembered...


18th of August 2005, 8 P.M :

I was sitting on the sofa of my home with my brother and my father while my mother was ironing next to me when the phone rang, my mother answered and I immediately knew something was wrong. The call ended and my mother ran to her room.

The next day...

I learned the next day what happened, my cousin was in an accident and now he's in a coma. we wanted to cancel our holidays and stay but our grand mother told us to go even with what happened, that it will help us.


Why? Why do I remember this? I take a deep breath and drift back to my memories...


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