Through the Dark

When 20 year old Hanna wakes up in the hospital not remembering anything about her past, and nothing waiting for her except a blonde Irish boy telling her who she is, she'll take the risk of getting to know who she was, who he is, and maybe taking the biggest risk of all, falling for him. Inspired by, the vow~


3. Chapter 3- The Plan

Niall's POV

She was content with that, she seemed to be okay with the fact that we are more than just friends. She seemed okay with the fact that we were close.

Hanna's POV

Places that I don't know I have been to, People that I have forgot, Memories that refuse to show themselves.
When I look at him I feel something there, like I want to remember but I just cant, the memory wants to be remembered, but there's a brick wall in front that doesn't want to budge.

I walked around the house, dark hard wood floors make my feet cold, I run my fingers along the black granite counter top, and touch the dark cherry colored cabinets.
I walk into the only bedroom, a deep plum color on the walls, and a large king bed with a large black headboard. matching nightstands on each side. I walk into the walk in closet and look around.
My style must have changed. everything in here is so vintage, pink and frilly.
I walk back out and look at the picture frames set everywhere. Most of them where pictures of me and Niall, in different places. I guess we liked to travel.

I sat down on the sofa next to Niall,

"I couldn't help but notice that there's only one bed..."
He automatically blushed "Yeah, I sleep on the sofa"

Right then chubby beagle jumped on me licking my cheeks "hey there boy, calm down now." I pried the dog off of me "Is he ours?"
"No, we are holding him for a friend"
"Oh," I say petting him "well, what's his name?"
I smiled.
Niall tossed the remote at me and I flipped through the channels with unfamiliar shows and I finally settled on MTV watching latest music videos. The music now was a little different then i remember, and people .... wore a lot less clothes.
Everything was just weird.

Niall's POV

I got up and walked to the kitchen to make spaghetti, glancing over my shoulder just to see a glimpse of her,
This hurt me, the situation hurt me, every second I spent with her that I couldn't kiss her hurt.
She seemed to be doing well, but you can never tell with her, Hanna had a bad habit of not letting her emotions show through.
I wasn't used to the guessing game, if she was sad, happy, confused, hurt, or lonely she would tell me, but it isn't like that anymore, she doesn't remember me, or how we used to be.

I'm starting over again and I only have one chance to make her fall in love with me again
I don't know what will happen in the next few days, all i know is I cant be without her.

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