Through the Dark

When 20 year old Hanna wakes up in the hospital not remembering anything about her past, and nothing waiting for her except a blonde Irish boy telling her who she is, she'll take the risk of getting to know who she was, who he is, and maybe taking the biggest risk of all, falling for him. Inspired by, the vow~


1. Chapter 1-Wake up

Hanna's POV

My eyes flutter open, the bright shining lights blind me and I close my eyes again. I feel a hand against mine, gripping harder as time goes on. I faintly hear someone's voice calling for 'Hanna'...

Hanna... Hanna... That's my name. Hanna Perez. I'm Hanna, but if you asked me anything else about myself, I wouldn't be able to tell you.

Niall's POV

I readjust myself on the uncomfortable hospital chair, holding her hand next to her bed side. I scan across the room and lean back pulling out my cell reading a text from Harry

from: Hazza

Want food? :)

I text back, agreeing. The only food Iv had the past few days have been from the venting machine, and I don't mind crisps, but I'd much rather have a meal from home.

I look up from my phone to see her eyes open, blinking blankly at the ceiling. I squeeze her hand,


She didn't look me, "Hanna?"

My voice turned into a plead "Hanna? Please look at me.."

She closed her eyes again ignoring me, I can see her breathing changing, not steady how it was in her sleep, she's awake now. She's back.

A siren goes off and a doctor comes into the room, one nurse escorts me out, while the other nurse stays.

I take a seat in the waiting room, where I see Harry enter from the double glass doors

Harry's POV

I walk in the east wing of the hospital, ready to make my way up the stairs to room 273 when I spot Niall sitting down uncomfortably in a green chair.

"What's up mate?"

"She's up, she blinked"

I stood in in disbelief, "So she's going home now?"

Niall shrugged his shoulders.

Niall's POV

She didn't answer me, she didn't look at me, I sighed deeply and exhaled slowly.

The doctor came back out after what seems for be forever, when in actuality it was only about an hour.

"Mr. Horan?"

I stood to shake his hand "that would be me."

He led me back into the room, where Hanna was sitting up, sipping on water.

Hanna's awake, she's back, I can finally have my life back.

Hanna's POV

When I opened my eyes again the blonde man watching me was gone and replaced by an elderly man, around the age of fifty leaning over me. He spoke but I couldent make out the words he was saying.

"Do you remember what happened to you?"

I blinked at him.

"Mrs. Perez, Do you recall what happened to you?"

I parted my lips, they felt dry and cold. "No" I spoke softly.

"What's the last thing you remember?" The room was silent for a minute.

"At collage party, I remember craving cheese" I smiled a little at the thought.

The doctor left, and the nurse handed me a small cup filled with water, I sipped on it patiently waiting for my mom to come pick me up, but when he returned he dident bring my mother back with him, but the blonde man who was watching me earlier.

The doctor spoke "This is Niall Horan, do you remember him?"

I paused for a moment the held out my hand to shake his, "Yes, this was the doctor watching me while I was asleep , right?"

And right then, I saw his eyes tear up.

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