The crush

I 16 year old falling in love


2. The next day

I woke up with back pain from sleeping on the god damn floor.

I took a shower n changed into some skinny jeans n some heels n a sweat shirt. I looked at my phone an saw new text


Good morning.I'll pick u up at 5:50and head to school.

Shit i only had 2 mins

I did my makeup n walked downstairs n told my dad im leaving n grabbed my bookbag n waited for Harry. Harry n the boys pulled up. Harry was in the back n it was packed n harry pulled me on his lap n whispered something in my ear.

I said sure n kissed his lip n the boys started making kissing noises n i giggled.

Harry had grabbed my ass n i started to blush so i covered my face with my hand.

Harry: Whats wrong babe??

Me : ummm nothing just blushing.


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