The crush

I 16 year old falling in love


1. Day we met

Hi,Im Emily 16, long hair up to my butt,blonde hair.My first day in a new school a cute guy name harry offers to show me around school,i accept the offer.We have the same classes an in every class we sit next to each other we became best friends.Harry asks “if he should drop me home". I said “sure". As we got in the car my hand was near him n he touched my hand I felt a chill go done my spine.He parked right in front of my house.He kissed me on the lip n said“bye".

I walked inside of the house.I was holding my cheek for a while until i got to my room.Finished all my stupid homework,my dad walked in an he n asked are u hungry? I said sure i can eat. He made my favorite berry salad n he made himself a big mac n as we ate I felt my something vibrate in my pocket n i took it out n answered it me an harry talked for an hour about random stuff.We hang up around 5:00.I ran downstair to the sound of football.I ran an sat on the couch n put my head on my dads chest as we watched football.

After the game i ran up to my bedroom n changed into pjs n fell asleep on the bed n woke up for a midnight snack n finished it downstairs n walked to my bedroom.I fell asleep on t.......the floor because i was tired.

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