Forbidden Love

Marin was New. This was so embarassing. she thought as she entered alone. Her fear of starting new schools was strong. especially in the fourth year.
she was fourteen. she had alot to learn.
why she was new you ask?
Her parents died. she was a witch.
no where to go.
makes sense?


1. The sorting

"Everyone, quite down please" Dumbledore Hissed at all the teenagers in the hall. Professor McGonagall made me follow her down the long line of children between HufflePuff and Gryffindor. 

I stood there. as i was stared at, by the now silent children. 

"You may now be sorted" Dumbledore smiled. i nodded stepping up towards the hat. lining the hole with my head. (shut up all you dirty minded people)

"Ahh, Paradise, where you... you have talent, courage, but can do great things.... slytherin or Grydffindor... Ahhh GRYFFINDOR" The hat screeched, my ears started to hurt but i smiled. as the hat was shoved out of my heads grasp and i walked over to Gryffindor. 

"Im hermione Granger" I nodded. 

'Paradise Heaven' i stated. I saw a blonde haired boy face me from across the room and wink. i shuddered, 

'Say, Hermione whos that' i asked her pointing to the same guy who was still staring at me. 

"Malfoy, Draco Malfoy. dont want to mess with him" She said. disgust in her tone. 

"Harry" A boy with glasses smiled. shaking my hand which i didnt actually know was out. 

"Ron" a ginger haired boy named himself. 

"Let the feast BEGIN"  I heard someone shout as my eyes looked along the table in awe at how much food. 

"We only have this once a year, when everyone gets sorted, so thanks for coming late" Ron laughed, I kept flicking my gaze over to "Draco" until he winked at me again. I raised my eyebrow and he did an action of Licking the air... 

Oh no. 

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