Charlotte (1D FanFic)


"You have such a lovely family."
They said.

"Your life is really close to perfect. Maybe even perfect"
They said.

"Wow. I wish my parents are like yours."
They said.

But guess what?!
All these so called 'compliment' they tell me are bullshit. A shitload of them.
My life is anything but perfect.
Yeah, yeah..... I get it, My parents are rich and I have everything I want.
Except one. Okay, maybe two.
And that is to have an above average life, living in a cozy medium-sized home with lots of siblings that care for me.
AND most of all, to have a childhood.
Yeah, pathetic right?
No childhood......
No true friends that want you for you.......
I thought that if I ran away, all of these bullshit would just go down the dumpster.
I guess I was right.
Everything did change.
But after a shitload of stuff I never would expect.
Never in a million years.


3. One

Charlotte's POV.

"Charlie? Charlie!" Oh great, ruining my alone time with my laptop...... again?! Seriously mom, you have got to stop doing that.

"What?" I answered back, annoyed. This better be something good. It better not be a new dress or heels or that sort of shit.

Let me get this straight, I absolutely hate dresses and other girly shit with a pure burning passion. I only wear it because my mom forces me to. Otherwise, I bet that I wouldn't even lay a hand on those pink fabrics. Since I was a child, my mom treated me as if I was a doll. She would cake my face with thick, colorful makeup, put me in a puffy pink dress with ruffles and make me wear matching heels. Yeah, its pure torture. She still has not given up on that after my constant whining and complaining.

But my dad, well......He isn't that bad. But he's still bad though. I only hate him because he is rarely on my side; always agreeing with my mom and not letting me say a word about whatever the thing is. Okay, maybe I'm just overexaggerating, I don't hate him. More like dislike. And my mom, I swear, if I could get a troop of monkeys to mess her wardrobe up, I would. I seriously and honestly would. But... I couldn't. Sad, huh?

Oh, it's not the money problem, no. It's the handling. Now, that's the problem. It's never the money problem. Yeah, being a rich Guy's daughter has it's perks.

"Come down for a minute, would you?" Nooooo..... go down two and a half flights of stairs, just to see that mother of mine. Oh, this better be good.

"Ugh... Fine!" I rolled around my bed and dragged my feet down the incredibly long flight of stairs.

After a really, really, really, really *many more really's* long time, I finally reached the bottom of the stairs.

"What, mum?" I asked her, an annoyed expression plastered all over my face.

"Me and your father are going for dinner with some of his business partners. Stay at home. Here's 50 pounds. Spend it wisely." She told me with a stern look. Unfortunately, this is good enough. Dang it, my monkey plan that was perfect is just going down the trash bin.

On the bright side, the whole house to myself, fifty pounds to spend and a few hours, parent free!

And, a perfect time for my plan.

No, not my monkey plan, another plan, the other plan.

"Okay, bye!" I answered back enthusiastically and ran up the stairs. Yes, ran. I don't know where I got all this energy from but I feel darn good. I went into my walk-in closet to get the suitcase I packed much earlier when I planned the plan. The other plan. Okay, this time, there's no backing up. I'm gonna do what I've been planning to and I'm not chickening out like the last few times. Actually, I wanted to do this for a really long time but I just couldn't find the nerve in me to do it.

I was afraid that if I did it, my parents would still find me one way or another but I don't care anymore. I'm thirteen and perfectly capable of taking care of myself. (Or maybe not) .

Although, the thing I would miss the most is my house. Yeah, my house is pretty legit. Three stories high with an attic, eight rooms and two store rooms, a flat screen TV in every corner and much, much more awesome stuff. Oh, did I mention, we have our own private cook, butcher and four maids.

I changed into a pair of black skinny jeans and my favourite rolling stones T-shirt. I also slip on a pair of black combat boots and re-tie my hair. I grabbed my new black phone and slide it in my pocket.

I picked up a piece of paper and scribble a note on for my parents.

Mom and dad, I'm tired of your shit. (Mostly mom)

Thanks for providing me for the last thirteen years, I appreciate it.

Mom, thanks for the things I never wanted.

Dad, thanks for letting me buy the things I wanted.

I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings but this is my time to go.

Don't bother looking for me 'cause you're not going to find me.

Don't worry about me too 'cause I can take care of myself.


I know, I truly suck at making notes.

I sling the backpack over my shoulder and walked downstairs. I grabbed the 50 pound note on the counter and the remaining money on the counter top.

What? I can't live with 50 pounds only.

I closed the door behind me and walked down the oh-so familiar side walk.

There's no turning back now. This is it.

I'm escaping.

First stop, Burger King.

Yay.... Chapter One. Sorry that its short...... I don't really know what else to write. HeHe.

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xx Lisa

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