Through The Dark

Harry Styles, the typical bad boy, the usual culprit and the regular offender, is Clarity Harper’s best friend; and she wouldn't have it any other way. She watched him grow from an innocent little boy to the tattooed, pierced, womanizer he is today, but maybe it’s time to tame him. However; Clarity underestimates how hard this could be and they find themselves falling, and possibly breaking. But in the end, will they find their way Through The Dark, or will Clarity herself be the one that needs saving?


8. Chapter 8 - He's mine


Clarity’s P.O.V

I sigh as I walk down the hall in search for my locker, and possibly a sight of Harry, who I haven’t seen or even heard from in 3 days. Since that day in the car park, where I foolishly told him how I felt, he hasn’t even bothered to call.

I open my locker and scroll down my phone to call Laine, she answers on the first ring as I transfer books from my bag into my locker.

“Hey.” I say into the phone.

“Hey, heard from Harry yet?” she asks and I can’t help but feel my heart drop.

“Ah, no actually.” I slam my locker in frustration and see Niall, who I also haven’t seen in days. “Look I’ll see you in homeroom.” I say and hang up the call.

“Niall.” I yell and he looks over at me then looks away, “Niall.” I say again in a hurt tone as I near him.

He turns to me, “Hey.”

“What is going on, what was that?” I ask, confused and slightly frustrated.

“Nothing I have to go.” He dismisses me like I’m nothing, something not even Niall would do.

“Niall please.” I beg but he doesn’t turn around, Zayn comes out of now where and walks with him, Niall says something to him and he looks back toward me and my heart drops a little further.

I dial Harry’s number but it does straight to voicemail, again, I call Liam but it rings out and I attempt at calling Louis whose phone is answered by snobby Eleanor and she says he’s busy.

I try to think about what possibly went wrong, if I did anything but I know even if I did everyone wouldn’t be ignoring me.

I bite the side of my cheek and the tears surface but the bell rings and I wipe them away and attempt to get on with the day as I have, I don’t need Harry, I don’t.


“Where is Louis?” Laine asks Eleanor harshly, she slightly flinches but looks away.

“Look, he doesn’t want to talk to you, okay?” She walks past Laine and I without a word and I force myself not to scream.

“I’m going home.” I state because I’m completely over being clueless, everyone seems to know something, everyone but me.

“You can’t go; you need to find out what the fuck is going on here.” She’s looks angry, but not as angry as I feel however despite my anger I’m honestly devastated, and hurt that all these people are turning their backs on me, including Harry.

I sit down at one of the lunch tables and force myself not to cry, but it doesn’t work, I stand and run the bathroom to fix my running makeup and wipe away the tears off loss, because I’ve lost him. I know it.

I never imagined this, not ever, I’d never imagine he’d just give up, I know he loves me, I know he’d do anything for me and without a doubt he’d never ignore me, not like this, he’d never turn his back on me and because of this I can’t help but feeling something is wrong, or maybe I’m just wrong, maybe he would do all these things, maybe I always knew he’d be the one to walk away, completely unaffected.

As soon as I spot Zayn near the car park, I don’t care, I run, Liam is walking over to him and again I hold back tears.

“Zayn.” I puff, as I regain my breath, he ignores me. “ZAYN!” I scream, letting out all the built up anger.

“Clarity, you need to go.” Liam states from behind me and I turn.

“Where is he?” I beg and Zayn look at Liam then back at me.

“He doesn’t want to be found, especially by you.”

“Zayn.” Liam warns but I ignore his presence.

“Zayn if anything has happened-” I begin but he shakes his head.

“Clarity he doesn’t want you, you need to forget about him.”

“Where is he?” I ask again refusing to believe his words.

“Did you not hear me? He doesn’t want you, he wants nothing to do with you, he’s gone.”

“I don’t believe you.” I shake my head and I try to blink away the unwanted tears.

Liam’s hand rests on my shoulder but I shrug it off, “Zayn.” I say wiping away the tears that threaten to fall.

He look back over to me, “If you see him again, tell him I love him.” He nods; emotion crosses his face, only for a second and I walk past them, and head to my car.

I do love him, and in the end if that’s the last thing he hears from me, I want it to be the truth, that I love him.

I slam the door and the tears fall faster and I cover face in my hands, I can’t believe he left, I can’t believe he gave up.

I bring my face from my hands and wipe away the tears; I fumble my keys into my car and drive away. I drive way past my house, and instead go the river, Harry would bring me here all the time when we were in middle school, he loved getting away and I loved following.

I pull up into the empty car park and walk down to the river, under the same tree that’s been here my whole life, the same tree where he kissed me for the first time, both our first kisses; it was something I’ll never forget.

Harrys P.O.V

I stretch out on the bed and rub my eyes; I look down at my body and run my hands along the large bandage covering most of my stomach.

“How are you?” Lara asks with a smile.

“I’m fine.” I say dismissing her away; as I look back Zayn and Liam enter.

“Man you look so much better!” Liam smiles and passes me an apple. Thanks Liam.

“I don’t feel it.” I lightly chuckle. “How’s Clarity?” I ask and Zayn looks over to Liam and I sit up urgently, “Is she okay?”

“Yeah man she’s fine.” Zayn chuckles, “She’s been hanging out with Kobe again, she’s got to make up her mind.” Zayn laughs but stops when he notices my serious expression.

“Has she like asked about me?” I ask and I know I sound desperate.

“Nope.” Zayn’s voice is casual but Liam looks away.

“Liam.” I say and he looks over.

“She hasn’t, I’m sorry.” He gives me a sorry expression and I lean back into the bed.

I can’t expect her to still want me after what I said, after I just let her walk away, I can’t expect her to care that I’m in hospital, I can’t expect her to care, not one bit after what I did. But I thought she’d at least come here and see me, maybe I really did ruin everything.

“I should have just said it.” I say in sadness and Zayn looks down at me.

“Said what?” He asks and Liam tries to distract himself.

“I should have told her I loved her.” Liam looks over abruptly as if the words shocked him.

“You love her?” Liam asks and Zayn stares up at him intently.

“Yes.” I sigh and look away from them both.

“Harry.” Liam says quietly.

“She told us to tell you, that…”

“What?” I ask in annoyance, “You said she didn’t ask!” I yell.

 “She doesn’t want you, Harry.” 

(A/N Hello! thankyou for all your amazing comments and thankyou for liking and favouriting! I have written another Bad boy Harry Fan Fic called The Flame, which i uploaded a few days ago, i also have a trailer for! so please check it out <3 xx)

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