Through The Dark

Harry Styles, the typical bad boy, the usual culprit and the regular offender, is Clarity Harper’s best friend; and she wouldn't have it any other way. She watched him grow from an innocent little boy to the tattooed, pierced, womanizer he is today, but maybe it’s time to tame him. However; Clarity underestimates how hard this could be and they find themselves falling, and possibly breaking. But in the end, will they find their way Through The Dark, or will Clarity herself be the one that needs saving?


7. Chapter 7 - Blurred Vision

Clarity’s P.O.V

“So he just let you walk away?” Liam asks as we sit in the corner of the cafeteria, I pull bits of bread away from a roll that I’m not really eating.

“I don’t really know” I say, in defence to Harry, talking to his bestfriend about us, making him side or choose is terrible, but Laine is nowhere to be found and without her, I’m alone. 

Liam shakes his head hard, “He’s so lucky”.

“I'm sorry for kissing you Liam, I don’t really remember it, but I'm sorry” I say, smiling for the first time since this morning, he returns the smile, but staring past me at a girl making her way over to our table.

“Liam!” she yells loudly with a smile, “Couldn’t find you anywhere” she says sighing loudly and slumping herself next to Liam. “I’m Danielle” she says holding her hand out with a huge smile.

“I know” I blurt out, “I mean I know who you are?” I say laughing to hide my embarrassment; it’s hard to not know Danielle or know of her. “Um well I’ve got to go, so um I’ll see you soon Liam” I tap him on the shoulder with a smirk and wave at a smiley Danielle.

I pull out my phone checking the time and secretly hoping Harry has texted, which he hasn’t. We’ve made this into such a complicated mess, hoping for the best through everything. I wanted to ‘tame’ him, make him good, but I just pushed him away.

Harrys P.O.V

“Where did you put the gun?” Zayn whispers annoyed. “I should have gone, might have been more responsible” he shakes his head flicking a cigarette out of his mouth.

“Shut up Zayn!” I yell in frustration, “What do you need it for anyways?”

“Protection” he mutters holding the box of cigarettes out, “Want one?” He asks smirking, I shake my head and step away, “Oh Clarity oh Clarity changed so much for her Harry” again I shake my head as he drives up my old looking street.

“Get it and hurry up” He says, unlocking the door as I step out.

I walk across the street to my house and climb up the old ladder up to my window,  I slide it up and quietly step inside, I open my draw and quickly move all the shirts away, revealing the black gun. I gulp slowly as I slip it into the back of my pants.

I enter Zayn’s car and his dark eyes light up at the sight of it; I pass it to him not wanting anything to do with it and possibly him.

“Zayn why do you need it?” I ask, turning to him.

“Isaac, he needs some help” Zayn turns back to the steering wheel bashing it with his hands. “I fucked up” he says bluntly, with clear anger.

“What did you do?” I ask, he stays silent, staring down at the gun. “Zayn what did you do?!” I yell.

“I gave Isaac the wrong shit, the stuff you gave to him, it was wrong he sold it to Benson”

“Benson! Are you serious! Zayn I told you-”

“Shut up, you don’t think I know that! They shot James, there going for Isaac, I’m helping him”

I sit silent in the car, so infuriated by this whole situation Zayn has gotton us in, Benson is the biggest drug lord, he could possibly do anything and for us to get involved is similar to a death wish.

“We can’t go” I say looking over at him.

“We have to Harry” I shake my head, and suddenly think of Clarity and I don’t want to.

“Fine lets go” I say and before I have a chance to change my mind, he is pressing the accelerator and speeds off.


“Zayn you’re a fucking idiot, I should just shoot you myself” Isaac scoffs in disgust, Zayn gulps and it’s the first time I’ve ever seen him looking venerable or scared.

“Isaac, don’t” I say, scowling at him.

He pushes me up against the wall, “Don’t tell me what to do little Harry” He spits, leaning the gun to the side of my head, “I’ll blow your brains out” he laughs. Zayn then, stupidly pulls on his shoulder punching Isaac, I move away from the wall I was backed up on. Realising that Isaac is on top of Zayn punching hard, gun I think.

I pull Isaac off laying a punch into him, immediately regretting it. Isaac is on his feet, recovered before I get a chance to decide what to do next. The 3 gunshots determine that, I look over at Zayn who looks behind him. 2 large figures emerge from outside the alley way.

I move away from Isaac who already has his gun ready, Zayn copies as I stand like an idiot.

Before I know it Isaac’s gun is shooting loudly and I stand back, with more gun shots being fired in return, I back myself up against the wall, before removing my hand from my side that’s covered in blood. I look down and the red colour is consuming my grey shirt, for a second I’m completely confused because about a second ago I was fine, but it suddenly all makes sense. I slide down the brick wall, my hearing beginning to fade sightly but I can still hear gunshots. Blotches of different colours fill my eyes, like when you close your eyes for too long. I feel totally distant to everything and everyone, like I’m in my own little silent bubble drifting away and letting go of everything and for once it feels really good.

Isaac yells and Zayn looks over with urgency, the 2 large figures I never actually saw completely, run toward a black car before it speeds away. My vision becomes so blurred all I see is Zayn running toward me.

He kneels down next to me, saying things I can’t really hear but the only thing I’m thinking about is Clarity, “Please don’t tell her…”

“Who?” Isaac asks and Zayn looks over at him.

“Clarity” is all he says and it all goes dark.


(A/N Just got 300 reads! Thank you all so much! I'll start updating more often again, sorry its been a while xx) 




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