Through The Dark

Harry Styles, the typical bad boy, the usual culprit and the regular offender, is Clarity Harper’s best friend; and she wouldn't have it any other way. She watched him grow from an innocent little boy to the tattooed, pierced, womanizer he is today, but maybe it’s time to tame him. However; Clarity underestimates how hard this could be and they find themselves falling, and possibly breaking. But in the end, will they find their way Through The Dark, or will Clarity herself be the one that needs saving?


6. Chapter 6 - Don't let go

Chapter 6 


I pull up on my bike, next to Clarity's car in the school’s student lot. Clarity, still sitting in her car laughs into the phone, and I find myself smiling at her while I sit on my bike. I see from a distance Liam, who makes his way over to her car, also laughing into his phone, and ends the call as Clarity steps out, finally noticing my presence.

"Harry" she says with a smile, her choice of outfit a plain white singlet and black pencil skirt. I bring my leg over getting off the bike and turning my gaze to Liam, who tries to avoid my glare.

"YOU PUNCHED HIM?" Clarity yells rushing over to Liam, whose black eye stands out profusely.

She turns around to look at me after a few minutes of examining his eye. She stands facing me waiting for my answer. I shake my head laughing, nodding in Kobe’s direction who’s leaning against his car, his hands set firmly across his chest glaring in our direction.

Clarity shakes her head. "I’m so sorry Liam" she mutters, and I see her hand running over his chest, before stalking her way over to Kobe.

I make my way behind her, but still keeping a distance.

"What the hell!" She spits at Kobe who stands his eyes fixed on Clarity.

I stand a few meters away, and he glares at me, stepping towards Clarity, instead she pushes him hard back onto his car.

"Babe" he whispers loud enough for everyone to hear grabbing her hand but she shakes it off hastily. His friend’s move away quietly spreading around us.

Liam and Niall make their way toward me but I ignore them both, scowling at Liam. I’m still mad, and if Kobe didn’t punch him I probably would have, in fact I want to punch him again right now.

With one swift movement Clarity's free hand slaps Kobe's face leaving a prominent red mark.

"Slut" he spits, barging past her towards me with force, a sick smirk plastered across his face.

I step towards him and he unexpectedly swings his arm, punching me square in the jaw, causing me to stumble back my hand over my spilt lip.

I hear Clarity scream, and look over in her direction, but Laine is already at her side dragging her away from the car.

Kobe's hands wrap around the collar of my shirt, turning me around and smashing me into the back of his car.

"I love it when she screams my name, you know" he scoffs gripping tighter as I start to choke, "How when you kiss her she gasps, like she surprised".

My fists turn white as my rage grows after every sickening word; I tighten my fists at my sides. I pull out of his grip, kneeing him in the stomach and punching him so hard he fall’s to the ground. I mound him, throwing punch after punch.

"But you wouldn't know that, would you Styles" he laughs in between the punches, blood trickling from his mouth.

"I love when she claws my back, leaving those red marks". "And when she leans her head back and rolls her hips on me when I kiss her neck-"

“Shut up!” I yell; he leans his head back laughing as Liam pulls me away. I shake off Liam’s grip turning and pushing him away.

“Fuck you” I spit at him, and he steps back as I barge past him as he throws his hands in the air in defence.

I turn to see Clarity in the background a hand covering her mouth, running towards Kobe.

He smirks towards me as she examines his face for a moment, but walking away as if he were nothing. She turns to see me, and I continue to walk off in pure anger.

"Harry" Clarity yells, grabbing my shoulder, and I turn to see most people are clearing off as the bell to start 1st period sounds. “Get in” she mutters opening the passenger door to her car, but I shake my head and mount my bike. “Don’t you dare” she says raising her voice.

I get off it and step towards her, cupping her face in my hands, only for a second until she moves away, “Don’t do this Harry”.

“Do what?” I ask, but already knowing the answer.

“Don’t this this” she says, motioning her hands between us “Then act like you don’t care or you’re not thinking about it when it’s all I think about” she shakes her head “It drives me insane!” she adds yelling, almost jumping at me planting a kiss on my lips, which after a second of shock I kiss back.

I wrap my arms around her, pulling her closer, and feeling like letting her go at this stage would be like losing a vital part of me. “Why did you do that?” I blurt out as she pulls away.

“I wanted to join you in hell” she mutters, as I lower her back down to the ground.

“I act like I don’t think about it, because I know I drives you crazy, I know you Clarity, you think I don’t but I do, I know every inch of you, inside and out, head to toe, I know everything there is to know” I smile at her, Leaning my forehead against hers.

“We need to figure this out Harry” she plays with the hem of my shirt, looking down.

And all of a sudden I get this feeling, this feeling of everything being so wrong, a feeling, knowing, you just messed everything up, right here, right now. And nothing can change what you’ve said or done. I pull away from Clarity and her face already shows signs of what I feared.

“I can’t-” I mutter out, but already Clarity stands in front of me shaking her head a sarcastic smile covering her face, but the last thing she is, is happy.

“I’m so stupid” she says, staring at me, but past me at the same time, like I’m translucent and clear and she can see straight through me. “I kiss you Harry” her smile fading, “And I don’t even know why, and then you kiss back and I do”. “Because we are totally, completely wrong” she spits, her voice turning sour. “Me and you, we want this when we have it, then let it go and realise there was never anything there to start with then blame it on something or someone, we both see it, we both want this”.

I stand, speechless, my mouth and throat so dry all that comes out in the warm breath I’ve been holding.

“I want you Harry” she says, stepping toward me filling the gap between us, and for the first time in my life, I stand nervously in front of a girl, shaking and genuinely worried. Her warm breath warms my skin giving me goose bumps; she lightly glides a finger across my lip and piercing then across my cheek, “Will there ever be anything left for us to hold onto?” her small hand cupping my face.

I stand, and want to say yes, I want to scream yes, I want to, but I can’t.

“I don’t deserve you Clarity” I cover her hand with my lowering it down to her side, “There’s nothing left to hold onto” I say, lowering my voice, letting everything around us fall into a blur. Her face changes from a smile into an emotionless daze. “But that doesn’t mean we have to let go”

She shakes her head stepping back, her hand leaving mine, and I can’t do anything to stop it, I want to grab her and hold on to her and never let her go but I can’t, I can’t do anything, but stand there and watch her walk back into the school gates, and hope that even as she walks away now, refusing to look back, that a part of her can’t let go of me, like I can’t let go of her.

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