Paul's Daughter

One direction was living the life until a girl pops out of the blues saying 4 words,
"Hi, I'm Paul's daughter"
Will she receive love....or hate?
Find out in, 'Paul's daughter'


2. Where's Paul?

Keyonnah POV

Its really great to see the boys again.

I really missed them, oh well, at least were united again....I really don't wanna tell them what happened to dad, but i will tell YOU if you keep it a secret!


On my 15th birthday I came home to find dad missing, so I searched everywhere but I didn't find him. So when I was sharing a flat with niall, I snook out and traveled all around the world to find him. But then I stopped in California because I saw his will on the floor, to my surprise it said when he dies I will become the bodyguard, But I was too scared, I hid for years in California until I was brave enough, so here I am, smack bang in the middle of Nottingham.

Oh shoot, I was thinking out loud.

"So that's why you left" they said n unison....again.


Liam POV

I honestly didn't know and I feel sorry for her, But I'm not gonna give her pity as I suggest she wouldn't want that.

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