Paul's Daughter

One direction was living the life until a girl pops out of the blues saying 4 words,
"Hi, I'm Paul's daughter"
Will she receive love....or hate?
Find out in, 'Paul's daughter'


6. the sass princess meets elanour

Louis POV

Oh my carrots.

"So Louis, I have to take a rain-check on our meeting, oh! Hi!

I didn't see you there, I'm Louis girl-"

"Best friend, yeah she's my best friend"

Everyone looked at me in confusion.

"Um, sure, anyway, bye Louis!"


Niall POV

What's he going on about?

Anyway its OK because I'm going to ask out Keyonnah today and I hope it goes well. Nobody's going to get in my way.

"Keyonnah can we talk?"

"Sure Ni?"

We walked into my messy bedroom and when I noticed I blushed.

"Um, sorry for the mess"

She smiled.

"Its OK, anyway, what was you going to say?"

I gulped,

"Will you go on a date with me?"


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