Paul's Daughter

One direction was living the life until a girl pops out of the blues saying 4 words,
"Hi, I'm Paul's daughter"
Will she receive love....or hate?
Find out in, 'Paul's daughter'


1. Keyonnah

Niall pov

We were practising on stage when this girl magically appeared,

 Wait ....I know her!  Its Keyonnah!

"Hey Keyonnah!"

"Haven't seen you in ages pretty boy!" She shouted.

Liam looked confused.

"Oh this is-"

"Hi, I'm Paul's daughter"

The rest of the boys gawped.

"We haven't seen you since you were 14!" They said in unison.

I  laughed, the forgot the reason why she left, but let's not go into that, I don't wanna ruin the moment.

"Keyonnah why did you leave?"

I face palmed my self , it was a signal to say that they were so stupid...well, I couldn't blame them, shes 20 now.

"I can't believe it, the king of sassiness has forgotten, anyway Louis I'm not telling you, and neither will niall, right?" She sent me a glare.

"Oh yeah, um...right OK"

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