The Tattooist

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6. What's your name?

I woke up and realized today was an early schedule. I got up, got clothes, and took a shower. I thought to myself "Does that cute kid ever think of me?" I couldn't take him of my mind, but I have to cause he's just a STRANGER. I finished taking a shower and turned off the water. I put on black jeans and a white v-neck with converse. I then headed down stairs and got my keys "Bye Mom I'm going to school already." I said. "Be Good!" She yelled back.

Justin's P.O.V.

I just took a warm shower and pictured that girl that I kept on bumping into. I wonder if she ever thinks of me. What am I saying she's a COMPLETE STRANGER. I got out of the shower and put on black jeans and a white v-neck with converse. *I did this on purpose* I was walking down the stairs to be greeted by my mother Pattie. She is a single mother. I grabbed my keys and headed to my car

Andrea's P.O.V.

I parked my car a couple feet away from the school and got out. I was going to open the door, but when I touched the handle another hand was on top of mine and when I looked up I saw Justin.

Justin's P.O.V.

I was looking back not really focused on what I was doing and as soon as I tried opening the door I felt a hand under mine and got goosebumps. I looked to see it was that senior. I still don't know her name, surprisingly. All I said was "Sorry" "It's fine I understand" she replied. I suddenly heard one of my friends, Ryan, yell "Haha nice outfits. Trying to be twins or something ?" I didn't understand and by the look on the seniors face, I guessed she didn't either. Chaz, my other friend, then shouted "Twins?" I didn't understand until she said "Haha I get it .. We are wearing the same thing" "Wtf ? Did you like stock me?" I said. "Nope I like dressing like this." She said. "Oh okay bye" I said. "Bye" she returned. "What's your name" I asked without thinking and she said "Andrea Gomez What's yours ?" "Justin Drew Bieber" I said . She then smiled and walked away.

Andrea's P.O.V.

"What's your name?" He asked. I said "Andrea Gomez what's yours?" I already knew his first name I just needed to know him full name and of course I was going to ask what's his. He replied saying "Justin Drew Bieber" all I did was smile and walk away.

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