The Tattooist

Just read !


3. Getting an audition!

"Mom" I said. "What happend?" She said. "CAN I GET AN AUDITION!?" "For what?!" She said. "HELLOOO what do you think auditions are for?" I said. "I don't know, to be a porn star, to be an actress, to be on a music video, and to be a singer" she said. "MOM! Wtf why a pornstar?! And You know I sing horribly!" I said. "Whatever" "So yeah?!" I said. "Shut up and do it then." She said. ***Dad walks in the house*** "Wtf is all that screaming about an audition?! I can hear you all the way outside" he said. "Your daughter wants to audition for either an actress or a music video. I don't know ask her" she said. "Mom it's both" I said. "And I already finished the registration" I said . "When and where is it?" Mom asked. "They will call in less than a year.." I said. "Wtf?!" Dad awkwardly asked. "Yup" I said and left and headed to my room.

Andrea's P.O.V.

My parents scream too much haha. The first thing I did was call my friends and show off. I asked them to keep it a secret though. I knew a lot of fakes would want to be my friends thinking I would become famous.

End of P.O.V

It was early in the morning when I woke up I had school today. Ugh I hate school. Especially on Mondays and guess what... It was Monday .. Crap!!!!

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