Story of my life

Harry styles, aka the criminal with no face, is known for his horrified crimes in the quiet city of London. He will kill anyone that gets in his way, he doesn't care who you are as long as you have a heartbeat your dead. Mia blue ,aka the girl with no voice, is known as the girl who hasn't talked for 3 years. She gets scared easily and is constantly being teased for no voice. She has a story to tell but no one can hear her.

Mia innocently at a masquerade ball, has no choice but to simply look around. She then bumps into a certain green eyed boy who catches her attention.


8. Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Mia's pov:

I looked at my hand and the scar was from side to side on my hand, it looked painful and it was. I didn't understand why he did it in the first place, asshole. He literally just did it and walked away, without any other words. Strange boy.

He did the same to his hand, but why, I really don't know. All I know it that he's within me somehow, weird I guess. He also didn't flench when he did the same to his hand, maybe he's done it before, but with who?

I then hear the door open from behind me and I see Harry come in quietly, but his eyes were red?

"Don't say anything right now."

He said with a harsh tone. I just looked away from him and I felt the bed sink. Rather Harry laid down or sat down, whatever it is, he better not cut me again.

The room filled with awkwardness and silence and Harry didn't say one word. I just sat there, wondering what to do in this flat. I had to see what Harry was doing so I looked over and see him with his eyes closed and his curls in a mess. He was breathing slowly and carefully, and he seemed to be asleep, but he could be faking it. You never know. I slowly get up and walk over to the door to see if it was unlock, and it was. I open it wide enough for me to sneak through and walk away from the room. I just went downstairs and ended up in the kitchen somehow. I looked around and found some tea. I then find a tea pot and place the tea and hot water in it before placing it in on the stove. I wait patiently and look around some more. He didn't have much, but it could last him. I then hear the steam go off and I look for a mug quickly. I finally find one and pour the hot tea in. I slurp on it and just look around the flat.

I find myself in front of a door, nothing special, but it was open a little bit. I open the door some more and see a nice room. It had white curtains that gave it a peaceful look and it was painted a cream pink. Their was a bed that was fitted for one person and around it was decoration lights. They weren't on but they were clear. I saw a dresser and on top was a small heart shaped box. I walk towards it and open it. A little ballerina pops up and spins around with music. It was so cute, I looked inside and saw a necklace. I picked it up and it had a diamond heart attached to the thin chain. I was amazed at how beautiful it was. I smiled at it and placed it carefully back inside the box. I close it and turn around to face the door, with my mug in hand, and see a very pissed off Harry. Shit.

"What are you doing in here?"

I didn't say anything, I just stood there like an idiot and I knew I was pissing him off even more.


I was shocked by his change in volume and then I felt Harry grab my wrist and pull me out of the room as fast as he could. He closes the door with a bang and throws me up against the wall, spilling the tea all over my left leg. It was burning and it felt so horrible. I wince in pain and just see Harry stare at me not even caring what's happening to me.

He bends down to my level, grabs my burning leg, squeezes as hard as he can, and gives me a death glare.

"Never go in their ever again."

He yanks away my leg and walks away from me leaving me in pain for my back and leg. Damn him. What's his problem with that room, what did it mean to him, why was it so important? All these questions ran through my head and none were answered. Why do I have to be so curious with these kinds of things?

I slowly got up from the floor and limped my way up to the stairs. Pain flowed through my leg and it felt horrible, but I had to go up, but I can just stay down here, I decided to stay down here and stay away from Harry. I limped over to the living room, or wherever it was, and laid down slowly on the couch. My leg winced in pain and it was hard to fall asleep. My eyes wanted to spill tears, but I held them in. I couldn't do anything about it so I just braved my way through the pain. it was cold in this flat and Harry didn't have any blankets here so all I had was my own warmth which wasn't much. Be strong Mia.

Harry's pov:

I woke up in the middle of the night and felt the bed being empty, I guess Mia didn't make it up the stairs. I got out of bed and left my room to look for the burnet girl. I went downstairs in the dark and looked for her. All I heard was my own breathing, so I went into the living room to see if she was their.

When I enter the room, I see her with her arms wrapped around her body. Her tears were dried on her face and I see her leg was very red, I didn't feel bad, but I didn't want to see her cry. So I left and went into the nearest restrooms and took out the burn cream for her leg. I went back to Mia and squeezed some cream into my hand. I gently rub it onto her leg and she moves a bit, I slowly rub it on her and just let her be. I looked at her and see her arms wrapped around her body tighter then before. I grabbed a blanket from a closet and place it over her body. She released herself and I left without any words and without waking her. I didn't feel anything, but i didn't know why I woke up, I never wake up during the middle of the night.

I brushed it off and went back into bed. I got under the covers and instantly fell asleep.


Everything was flashing before my eyes and I caught glimpses of what seemed to be flashbacks. I saw two people they were smiling and laughing and then I saw another flash come in and then I saw them both dead, and lifeless. I didn't know what to do or what happened. It then flashes to a funeral, and I saw two coffins with red roses on top of each one. Everyone was crying and it was raining. It flashes again and I see myself in a house and I'm looking at myself and I see scars and red marks all over my body. It felt weird also, because I actually felt pain, it felt so real, and that's when I woke up.

~end of dream~

I sat up and everything was silent. I was alone and I didn't know what I saw, but it was hard to not think about.

Mia's pov:


Everything was flashing and it was all so quick. All I saw were flashbacks, I didn't remember them, but their were a few people stood out to me. I first saw a man kissing me good night and then leave, but then it flashes and I see a woman crying for someone, but I didn't catch who it was. It flashes again and I see the woman before drink repeatedly, and just cry, I felt sorry for her. It flashes again and I see the woman leave, and I felt abandonment. I then see a young girl and she's holding our hands together, like Harry did to me and all I remember her say was,

"We now have each other, and if we ever lose each other then we won't feel alone, because we have each other within. Never lose hope when everything goes bad, just remember everything will be fine if we have each other, no matter what."

It flashes again and I see the young girl slap me and leave in tears with someone in her arms. I just watched her leave and then I felt, sadness. It flashes and then I hear a voice telling me that someone died, I felt anger and fury, I threw the phone across the room and watched it hit the wall and make a hole. Everything felt so real, and that's when I woke up.

~end of dream~

I opened my eyes and just took in everything from the dream. I didn't know what it was, but it scared the hell out of me. I felt abandonment, anger, and just sadness. Why, I don't know to be honest.

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