Story of my life

Harry styles, aka the criminal with no face, is known for his horrified crimes in the quiet city of London. He will kill anyone that gets in his way, he doesn't care who you are as long as you have a heartbeat your dead. Mia blue ,aka the girl with no voice, is known as the girl who hasn't talked for 3 years. She gets scared easily and is constantly being teased for no voice. She has a story to tell but no one can hear her.

Mia innocently at a masquerade ball, has no choice but to simply look around. She then bumps into a certain green eyed boy who catches her attention.


7. chapter 6

Previously on Story of my life:

I just looked in a different direction from him, but I could feel him staring into me with deep thought and deep dark ideas on what to do with me, when he has a shot.

"Don't think so hard love, it's only me. Don't worry I won't let anyone touch you and if they do then it's their heads."

I widen my eyes at the thought and then I felt him come up to me, wrap his arms around me and basically just touch me with pleasure.... no with dark pleasure. He then places his mouth by my ear and whispers with passion,

"Has anyone ever touched you?"

Chapter 6

Harry's pov:

"Has anyone ever touched you?"

I asked the skinny girl as she feels the tension build up inside of her.

She just shook her head with hesitation, and I knew someone else has touched her. It angered me that I wasn't the first so I squeeze her arms tightly and she squirms in pain from the harsh touch of mine.

I let go of her and push her away. I go to the restroom and open all the drawers until I find what I need. The blade.

I go to the girl that sat on the bed, that innocent look. I grab her hand and cut it open. I look in her eyes and see the pain and tears that she wishes to let go onto her cheeks. She shakes her head and bows it down so I wouldn't see her weakness.

I then cut my hand and the pain flows through me, but I don't wince because I felt worse pain before. I then grab her now bleeding hand and hold it up against my bleeding hand and wait it for it to heal altogether.

When she notices me doing this she looks up at me and I just give her a blank look. Once our cuts healed together I say,

"I'm in you and I always will be, you belong to me. No one will ever touch you, only I will. If you run I will be with you and I will find you. You can't escape me."

I then remove my hand and throw the blade into a corner. I leave the room and lock it behind me. I run downstairs and just go into the room that was never touched.

Once it's open, I see the room that hasn't been touched for quiet awhile. I close the door and walk over to the window with the white curtains.

It always gave it a peaceful, but yet angel like feel to this room, I always felt like someone was watching over me in here. Yet again it was my sister's room. She stayed in here until she "left". Sometimes I come in here when everything is closing in on me, or when I'm drunk and to tired to go up the stairs. I don't know, I just came in at random times I guess.

When I reached the window I opened it with ease and just let the wind blow in my face giving me peace within. I looked at my hand with large cut and feel pain flench through me. I ignored it, but then I looked at my other hand and saw the same cut, but in a scar from long ago.


I was in Gemma's room waiting for her to come in as well, and then I felt the bed sink in a bit.

"Okay Harry you ready?"

I just nodded my head, and Gemma gave me a warm smile. Her dimples showed and I knew this was going to be painful, I could see it in her eyes.

She then grabs the blade and places it in my palm before making a deep cut, and I winced in pain. She removes the blade and does the same to her hand.

"Now press your hand with mine."

I did as she said and press my hand up against her's. It was painful, but as it healed I felt better and more refreshed. When it finally healed, we both pull away and just look at each other.

"We now have each other, and if we ever lose each other then we won't feel alone, because we have each other within. Never lose hope when everything goes bad, just remember everything will be fine if we have each other, no matter what."


The sense of freedom engulfed me and I felt relief flow. Nothing has ever been this good. Maybe that's who I feel watching over me, Gemma.

"We now have each other, and if we ever lose each other then we won't feel alone, because we have each other within. Never lose hope when everything goes bad, just remember everything will be fine if we have each other, no matter what."

Her words replayed over and over in my head and it bought back memories. I can't do this right now.

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