Story of my life

Harry styles, aka the criminal with no face, is known for his horrified crimes in the quiet city of London. He will kill anyone that gets in his way, he doesn't care who you are as long as you have a heartbeat your dead. Mia blue ,aka the girl with no voice, is known as the girl who hasn't talked for 3 years. She gets scared easily and is constantly being teased for no voice. She has a story to tell but no one can hear her.

Mia innocently at a masquerade ball, has no choice but to simply look around. She then bumps into a certain green eyed boy who catches her attention.


3. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Mia's pov:

-Friday, after school-

I was walking home once again from school, and tonight was the night I was going to the ball, alone. My foster mom is still making me go, I begged and peddled for her to not let me go,in slience,but she wouldn't hear it so I'm still going.

If you're wondering about Liam, well he hasn't talked to me after what happened. Like I say why would a guy like him go out with a girl like me, or even think about asking me? I don't know, but what i do know is that I'm alone in this crapy ass world.

My dress is a nude dress but with black lace with black lace flowers on it. I have matching shoes and mask, it's hands free too so that's nice, I guess. Anyway, my makeup is nude and simple, but yet classy. My hair is put up and is curled in a very pretty way I guess you can put it.

Anyway I just want this over with and done for. I just hope this is the last dance of the year, but I know, deep down inside, it isn't. If I have to I'll pretend that I'm going but really I'm taking a walk in the park.

Anyway, let's get this done with.

-7:00pm; going to the school-

I was literally walking up the steps of the school, with the mask in hand, and the school just looked dark and very spooky. I wish I could leave, but my foster mom dropped me off and she's still behind me, making sure I didn't run this time. Damn her. I walked a bit more up the stairs and opened the steel door to the old school. I walked in and looked around before slipping my mask on, covering my face, and went into cafeteria.

Harry's pov:

I was in my dark black range rover waiting for Louis to call me so everything was clear. Tonight was the night and I knew I was going to score big here, especially since it's a very rich school.

I was then cut out of thoughts when I heard my phone start to ring.


"Okay Styles it's all clear, Eleanor and Perrie will be watching the doors to make sure that no one goes in or out."

"Good, and what about the cameras?"

"Liam has them token care of and they're all shut off for about 3 miles each way."

"Perfect, I'm on my way. Meet me by the office in exactly 4 minutes."

"Will do. See you there Styles."

I then hung up and quietly got out of the rover and grabbed the bags and my mask so no one would see me. The mask covers my whole face and it was painted black so I would blend in with any darkness. I was dressed in a tux so nobody would be suspicious of anything. I then closed the door and made my way to the school.

I finally made it in and made my way to the small office. I saw the guys already waiting for me to arrive. They all looked nice for a ball or robbery.

Louis then grabs the key out of his pocket and unlocks the door opening it to a dark room with a large sliver safe in the back. I walk in first and observe the room before walking towards the safe. I waved over Zayn and he opened the safe with simple turns. I throw some bags to whoever caught them and I gather the money with ease. All the bags were filled and I told all the boys to take them to my range rover and they all obeyed.

Mia's pov:

When I was in front of the door to the cafeteria, it wouldn't unlock. I cursed myself in my head and just went to sit on the bench that was in front of the door to outside of the school.

I just sat here alone, nothing to do in this stupid dress, and just on the verge of crying, and I don't know why? I guess I was very bummed out.

Harry's pov:

Niall looked out the door to make sure nobody was near, and I'm pretty sure there wasn't.

"Umm, Harry theirs a girl by the door, and I don't think she's going to move for awhile."

"Don't worry I'll take care if it." I said as I quietly and slowly walked out the door.

I walked behind her making sure she couldn't see my reflection in the window, and then I grabbed the white rag out of my jacket and prepared it.

I quickly made my move and placed the rag on her mouth. I held her head tightly against the rag and she tried to get my grip to loosen, but I wouldn't budge. And finally she fell asleep in my hands and loosed in my grip. I waved the boys to go ahead and that everything is okay. They all left and I had the girl in my hands, I don't need her telling anyone what just happened so I decided to take her with me. I then lift her, throw her over my shoulder and run after the boys.

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