Sex slave <3

Its about a teen named Skyler tryng to find her god mother she new that she was adopted so she kept looking till her her adopted dad died in a car crash nd her mom didnt love her no more so she sold her to One direectiom as a sex slave.....


4. About my mom.

Sky's P.o.v

Well My mom havent always been mean its just that my dad just died and she just need a better consler. I have always been a daddys girl & stayed with him. So I just moved in with my mom.

Mom's p.o.v

Skyler just moved in -.- Uggh I dont have time to babysit. * Walks over to the laptop & secretly pays some one to pick here up on Monday* Sky come over here to your room. Your going to be sleeping in this room right here so go in and stay there till i say so. Theres a bathroom in there so you dont need any thing but food and i will bring that to you.


Sky's p.o.v

My so called mom wont let me out of my room uff theres no food in here and im really hungry *Looks around the room and spot a mini fridge*  I see a mini fridge! *opens* Theres food in here thank god!

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