Me and Harry were together. But we just recently broke up. But what will I do when I find out I'm pregnat with his baby! I have no idea how I'm suppose to tell him!


22. Where the hell were you?!

Adriana's prov.
We got in the car. I nervously put on my seatbelt. I looked over at him. 
He looked at me at the same moment. That's when I knew it was destiny! I had to make a move! I just had too. I leaned in.
And kissed him passionately.
He stopped it and suddenly looked at me.
I smiled and bit my bottom lip.
He smiled and kissed me passionately again. "Hold on I have a place we can go" I whispered.
I took the wheel and drove to an hotel nearby.
I sati oped there and quickly got a room. We ran up there laughing.
We opened it. He quickly jumped on the bed. I giggled. I walked over to the restroom and found a robe in there. I took off everything except my lacy underwear and bra. I put on the robe. I walked over there.
He laughed. He had kicked off his shoes. I slowly took the robe off. I threw it. He laughed. He took off his shirt and layed down on the bed and passionately kissed me. He turned me so I was laying down on the bed. He quickly took off his pants. I giggled. He began to kiss my neck. I moaned. "Oh harry" I whisper softly in his ear.
I sucked on his neck to give him hickies. He giggled and slowly began to pull my panties down.
I laughed harder. He began. "Oh Harry oooo" I moaned in his ear.
I screamed! "I can't do this alone!" I screamed. "Not without Harry!" I screamed. "Your going to have to!" The doctor said. 
"Okay" I said. Okay let's start pushing. Shall we?" The doctor said. "Okay" I said afraid.
I moaned and moaned louder. I could hear the bed. "Ooo Harry Harry Harry" I kept repeating.
"Oooo Harry Harry!" I screamed. 
Then we were done. I giggled. And kissed him passionately. "That was great" I whispered against his lips.
Then all I could hear was crying. I was weak. My baby. "My baby" I said. They washed it off and handed it too me. "Congradulations it's a girl" the nurse said as she handed her to me.
I started to cry. "A girl!" I cried. I smiled. 
Harry checked his phone. "It was Angie...I better get there before she gets worried.." He said as he started to put his clothes on.
"Worried about what?" I laughed.
"That I'm..cheating on her..." He said as he zipped his pants.
"You already did!" I laughed.
"It's not funny! You can't tell her!" He said.
"Okay okay! I wont" I said.
Then he put on his shirt and his shoes and we left back to the hospital.
We go there. "Hey were here to see Angelina" Harry said to the lady.
We ran up to her room. She was cradling her baby. Harry walked over there. She didn't say one word even though Harry was asking her tons of questions.
She just ignored him. Didn't even look up. Then she looked at me. I walked out and in the waiting room.
Harry came in asking me tons of questions. I didn't think he deserved to know the answers. My eyes watered. I called the nurse. "Umm can you take the baby to get some sleep please I need to talk to my husband" I smiled to her.
She took the baby and walked out. "Husband?" He asked.
"Yeah I didn't want to seem like a whore" I said. "And what the hell is wrong with you!" I screamed at him.
"What?" He asked.
"You promised me you would be here the whole entire time I had to go through this! And the one time I needed you the most! You couldn't come through!" I screamed and started to cry.
"I'm sorry I was busy" he said.
"Yeah whatever.." I rolled my watery eyes.
"Yeah and I just.." He tried to say.
"No don't explain I don't really feel like talking to you" I said. He started to walk out. "And whatever the hell you were doing...I hope it was more important then seeing your own daughter being born" I said.
He turned with tears in his eyes. "It's a girl?"
"Yeah and if you were here you would've known that" I said.
He walked out. I softly cried to myself. 


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