Me and Harry were together. But we just recently broke up. But what will I do when I find out I'm pregnat with his baby! I have no idea how I'm suppose to tell him!


17. The baby shower

I grabbed my keys. "Bye Hazza, I love you" I said as I walked over to him and kissed him. "Love you too" he said. The boys made kissy faces. I giggled "Bye boys" I smiled. I walked out and got into the car and drove to Louis's house for my baby shower.

I got off the car and walked in. A lot of people were there. Surprisenly my mom. I hugged her right. "Mom! What are you doing here!" I asked happily. "Well honey I had to come to your baby shower!" she said. I hugged her again.

I saw Eleanor. "Hey thanks for this" I smiled.

"No problem your our friend" she smiled. I hugged her. 

Then I saw Adriana. My highschool best friend. "Adri?" I asked happily.

"Hey girl!" he sai happily.

"I've missed you do much!" I hugged her.

"Yeah I can't believe your having a baby!" she said.

I touched my stomach. I felt terrible at that moment. I was the girl that got pregnant that hadn't even finished highschool.

"How've you been?" I changed the subject.

"Great" she smiled.

I continued walking on. I saw about sites more girls from highschool. Four of my aunts. And four friends out of highschool.

I talked to them all. "Okay! Okay! Let's play some games!" Perrie and Eleanor said. 

We played about four games. 

"Now let's see the gifts!" Perrie said. I sat in a chair I front of the crowd of people. There was a giant mountain of presents. I started with a medium sized one. I unwrapped it. "It's a...stroller!" I said. I put it down and picked up another. It was a big one. I unwrapped it. It was a giant teddy bear. I laughed. "Thank you!" I said. I opened a smaller one. It was baby clothes. I picked it up to show them. My eyes teared up. I was goin to be a mother. In charge of another human being. "Oh are you okay!"Eleanor asked a she handed me a tissue. I took it. "No these are tears of joy" I said.

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