Me and Harry were together. But we just recently broke up. But what will I do when I find out I'm pregnat with his baby! I have no idea how I'm suppose to tell him!


19. Lovely😍

I walked to the kitchen and got some water. I heard Harry coming.

"Good morning love" he said as he came and kissed me on the cheek.

"good morning" I smiled. He hugged me close. I giggled. "Harry" I said.

"Yes lovely" he said. 

"I love you" I smiled.

" I love you too" he said. I smiled big.

"Honey I have to go grocery shopping today!" I smirked.

"I know just give me an hour" he smirked. As he lifted me up and sat me on the counter then started to kiss me passionately. He kissed my neck. "Harry!" I giggled.

"Love" he mumbled. I giggled. He kissed my lips passionately again.

i smiled and hopped down. "love!" He said surprised.

"I'll be back!" I said as I kissed him on the cheek. Then I walked out.

after I finished grocery shopping I got home. I saw Harry sitting on the couch. I walked up to him. "Hello babe" I said. " need help with the groceries?" He asked. 

"yea please" I said. 

He grabbed the rest and walked in and put them on the table. "Wow your so strong!" I smiled. He looked at me and laughed. "Love you have no idea!" He laughed. He came up to me and kissed me passionately. "okay" I smiled. I started to take off his shirt. But he stopped me. "I have to go love" he smirked. I could see his deep dimples.

"Harry!" I complained.

he laughed. 

He started for the door. I ran up to him. "Give me about and hour" I smirked up to his face. 

He lifted me up as I wrapped my legs around him.



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