Me and Harry were together. But we just recently broke up. But what will I do when I find out I'm pregnat with his baby! I have no idea how I'm suppose to tell him!


11. Hotel

Finally we were in Florida. We met up with everyone. I hugged Perrie. "Hey ready to go sing?" I asked her. "Yeah let's do it!...tomorrow.." he giggled. We all got in the cars and drove to one hotel. We got off and got into the hotels and got them all close together. There were four rooms. 

"Comon Liam" Niall said as they walked into a room. They got the two beds. zany and Perrie got into their room. Louis and Eleanor did the same. "Comon roomie" Harry laughed as we walked inside. I sat down on the bed. "Harry?" I said.

"Yes babe...I mean love" he blushed.

I blushed a little too.

"What's this?" I aske pointing to me and him.

"What do you mean?"

"What's going on with us? I know we broke up but were having a baby. But don't feel you have too" I kept rambling on feeling nervous and blushing a lot.

"Well I know for sure were goin to be wonderful parents" he said. 

"together or not" he smiled.

I guess he wanted the not. I kinda started to fall for him. "Yeah" I faked a smile as best as I could. He held my hand. 

"But the only girl in my life right now is you"

That made me feel a whole lot better. I smiled. "and you the only guy"

He smiled. "Now let's sleep!" he smiled. He jumped into bed. We got under the blankets. I tossed an turned I couldn't fall asleep. But finally I fell asleep.

I woke up. I turned and saw Harry still sleeping like a baby. He always curled up. He was hugging a pillow. I wonder who he wished it was. I sighed. I went into the restroom and took a shower an changed. I did my makeup and hair. By the time I was done he was awake.

"Love?" he asked yawning.

"Yeah haz?" I asked.

"Nothing" he said as he stood up only in his boxers. "Sorry it was hot last night" he smiled. 

His dimples deeper than ever. 

"Yeah" I smiled.

He walked into the restroom. I heard a knock at the door. I opened it. It was Louis. "Hey Louis" I smiled.

"hey love zayn just texted me that the concert will be in a bout an hour" he said checking his phone.

"Where's har-" he said but before he could finish harry walked out. 

He saw him in his boxers and smiled at me. He gave me a dirty smile.

"Have fun last night?" he whispered.I giggled.

"No" I blushed. 

"Oh" he laughed. He walked away. I shut the door.

"Harry the concert starts in an hour so get ready" I said. 

"But I'm sooo sleepy!" he complained smiling as he fell on the bed. 

I pulled him up. "Comon Harold!" I giggled. He took my hand. I almost slipped but fell on him as we fell on the bed together. We laughed. I looked at his deep green eyes. I cleared my throat and got up. "Uh just uh get ready uh" I said then walked out.

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