Me and Harry were together. But we just recently broke up. But what will I do when I find out I'm pregnat with his baby! I have no idea how I'm suppose to tell him!


21. At the hospital

I grabbed my phone. I quickly called Harry.
"Hello?" He said. "Harry I'm having the baby!" I said.
"What?! Now!" He asked surprised.
"Yes!" I screamed in pain from a contraction. "Ill be in the hospital in a sec" he said.
Then I hung up. We got in my friends car and drove to the hospital.
we got there. Adriana helped me out of the car. We ran in. "My friend is uh having a baby!" Adriana said. "Okay we will get her a room right now. Private?" The receptionist asked.
"Yes" I said. 
A nurse helped me in. "Owwwww!!!dammit this hurts!" I screamed. I held the nurses hand. I changed. "Mam are you waiting for a father?" He asked.
"Yes" I breathed in and out. In and out. 
Then Harry burged in. "Harry! Thank god your here!" I said. The nurse left. Harry came up to me and held my hand. He kissed me on the forehead. "Love everything is going to be fine" he smiled cheekily.
ADRIANA's prov.
I stayed in the waiting room waiting. I kept pacing back and forth waiting. Then Harry came out. "Umm well they said it will probabily be a few hours..thanks for bringing her can go if you'd like?" He said.
"No I want to know see the baby" I said.
"Oh okay" he smiled. He had deep dimples. 
And pretty green eyes. I can see how Angie fell for him. He was charming. Maybe I could set Angie up with someone so I could maybe get with Harry. 
Harry walked away. Then about ten minuete slater he came back. "You can go see her if you'd like love" he told me. Love? Did he just call me love? What does that mean? Does he feel the same way? Or is that just the British way of saying nice. I don't know.
I walked over to Angie's room.
"Hey" I said.
"Hey" she said.
"How you feeling?" I asked.
"Ehhh I could be better" she giggled.
"Haha I know" I smiled. 
"Well I'm going to Starbucks you want scones or something?" I asked.
"No thanks" she said. "Okay I'll be back" I smiled.
I walked out. And started to walk out of the hospital. It was pretty dark now. "Where are you going?" Harry asked.
"Starbucks..." I said. Should I ask him to come? Or did he even want to come? I guess it I ask there is no harm.
"Wanna come?" I asked.
"Yeah sure" he said. We got in the car. ....and well the thing was we never got to Starbucks....
ANGIE's Prov.
I kept breathing in and out. The doctor came in. "Your abou to go into labor now do you have someone in here with you?" He asked.
"Yes can you go and find some guy named Harry styles" I said. 
"No problem" said the nurse standing next to him. Then she left.
She came back about ten minuetes later. "Mam there is no Harry down there" she said.
I grabbed my cell and called him. No answer. Again. No answer. "Ugh!" I moaned upset. "He's going to miss this!" I screamed.


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