Through The Dark

Alyson Taylor former senior student has gone through a lot in her past. Her past relates to betrayal and fights but she has always been the schools typical girl.. After her dad dies she changes to a more confident and mature girl... But not the same usual. One night something goes down and meets former senior student Harry Styles who seems mysterious but appealing to her likings. Can she trust him.


1. chapter 1

Alyson's POV

Running as fast as i could through a dark abandoned neighborhood of England into an old park just by a lake. My hood over my head as i walk faster by the second. The only light are the street lights of the abandon street Im down on. Flashbacks of memories passes my mind, love and hate. fights, and betrayal. I arrive at my destination slowing my pace and sitting down on a rusty bench next to a big tree a wave of wind passes through me as I sit there alone peacefully, and scared. Scared of what will happen. My life is so messed up right now... 

I hear a crack of a branch getting stepped on. I begin to panic. Looking around me. I see a tall black shadow coming my way i look back towards the ground. Until i feel the bench shake.

''im Harry'' i look up at him and smile. There's a silence between us before i can even tell him my name.

''alyson.'' there goes the silence again. after a while he gets up and turns to me.

''would you like to take a walk through the park.''

''yeah sure.'' i get up and we start walking down the path of the park. 

''how old are you love?''

''17, and you?''

''18'' nodding.

We finally come to a complete stop and we go sit down on a bench letting the cool breeze hit us. All of a sudden his arm snakes around my body. I'm not sure about this but i let it happen because i need this. Comfort. I lay my head against him. We stay like this for a while and he pulls away.

''I know we barely know each other but would you like to come stay over my flat for the night??'' i think to myself for a second. 

''sure.'' with that he smiles and leads me to his car, which is rather nice. 


we arrive at his flat and we step out of the car with me following him by his side up the stairs.

'''thank you for letting me stay..'' he looks back at me with a smile lying upon his lips with dimples on his cheeks.

''no problem love.'' i take a seat on the couch and he also takes a seat on the other side of the couch turning on the tv. There's silence again.. after a while i break the silence.

''Sorry for asking but would you mind if I lay down with you?'' 

'''sure love, come here'' i quickly make my way over as he wraps his arm around me and I lay my head in the crook of his neck.. and i drift off to sleep.


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