Jessica Hens is a popular girl. She is rich nad pretty. She just had a perfect life. However, Louis Tomlinson started to go into her life. He is destorying it. Jessica had always had a crush on him. When she knew he had slept with her best friend, Lauren Kirk, she was totally torn. Will she choose friendship, or love?


2. Dreadful

    After school, I waited Louis at the school entrance. I stood there, thinking about him. He hasn’t left my mind since I had saw him. Did I had a crush on him? I was so confused.

    After several minutes, he came out. He had four boys following him, they were Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik. Why were they following him?
    “Hey Jessica!” shouted Louis. I shouted back and I led him to my car. The four boys followed. “Why are they following you?” I asked Louis.
    “We are going to your place, aren’t we?” “When did I invited them?” “They just wanna stay for a few hours. Please…” he begged me.
    “Fine…” I said with a really annoyed tone.
    “Yay! Thank you Jessica!” the four boys cheered and Louis KISSED my cheek to thank for my kindness.
     I blushed.
    No time to waste. I quickly drive my car onto the busy road, hoping to reach home as fast as possible.
    “This is my house.” I informed them when we reached my home. “Wow, your house is super-duper big,” said Harry.
    Then Niall started to laugh hysterically. I looked at him, shocked. Sometimes I just couldn't understand what this boy’s thinking in his own little planet.
    I led them inside, and they started to say how big and pretty my house is. I just blushed and smiled.
    Just then Louis asked me, “Why are you blushing and smiling like a dork?” I just stand there, trying to understand what was he talking about.
    “We’re just praising your house, not you idiot.” He said in a really sassy way.
    My smile disappeared. I hate you Tomlinson, I said to myself.
    “You what?” Louis shrieked. Oops, did I just say it loud?
    “Yes, you did. It’s enough Miss Hens, I’m leaving now,” he said as he marched out of my house. Of course those four boys followed him. They left me there, standing alone, and thinking what I have done.
    I have just made my crush to be my enemy on the first day of school.

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