Louis's little sister

Skyler a girl who used to be picked on all her life finally got out of that he'll hole she calls school she hadn't seen her brother in three years and Louis thinks she looks the same but when he comes back for sky she's not the same girl he used to know. (Enjoy also if you like this book I have a few more you might like so enjoy :) )


9. Yes

I have no idea where to go my phone keeps on ringing so I turned it off I walked down the dark streets I can't tell where I am because its to dark I carried on walking while kicking a can with my foot I took my eyes off the can and looked up to see my surroundings a couple houses down there was a house that had the curtains closed but you old tell the lights were on I walked faster and had a look at the number '2468 rosewood' I smiled its vi's house I walked up the steps and knocked on the door I heard footsteps walk to the door seconds later the door opened to revel the light I felt the warmth against my face I slightly smiled but stopped when I felt a burning sensation on my face vi took one look at me before gasping she grabbed my arm pulling me inside I walked into the lounge I heard the door slam and light footsteps speed walking towards me I turned to see vi "what happened" I sighed before sitting on the couch with her once I explained what happened she stood up "that dick" she said angry I slightly chuckled "don't worry ill talk to Louis Harry tomorrow but can I stay here please" I said she nodded "of course you can you don't even need to ask" she said I nodded I walked into kitchen I grabbed a 3L bottle of lime milk I walked over to the cupboards and took out heaps of junk food I walked back into the lounge and put the food on the coffee table I speed walked back into the lounge and went into the fridge again I grabbed a 3L bottle of chocolate milk I skipped back into the lounge and chucked the chocolate at vi she caught it i sat down on the couch next to her and turned on the tv the titanic was playing and it had only just started so I grabbed box of Oreos and put one in my mouth watching the movie -MORNING- "what happened " I said sitting up on the couch surrounding me was heaps of empty bottles of vodka,beer and whiskey with all the wrappers from the food I stood up feeling a massive headache I heard my head with my right hand I groaned walking into the kitchen to see vi standing there with a pill in one hand and a glass of water I walked to her and grabbed them out of her hands I put the pill in my mouth and chugged down the glass of water I looked at vi to see her staring at me she groaned " that was mine" she said "well now it's mine" I said "it was the last one" I chuckled "shame" I said walking back into the lounge MTV hits was on and brave by Sara bareilles came on I started singing along "you know you should go on xfactor" vi said I turned to her "nah I leave the singing to Louis " I said wait thats right " vi could you drop me off at Louis's " I asked she nodded we made our way to her car and hopped In I turned on the radio and light me up by biddy came on I listened to it till the chorus "baby you light me up when all I see is darkness you light me up when I'm down and if I fall apart you know where to burn my pieces " I got cut off by the radio being turned off I looked outside to see we were at the boys house I sighed before stepping out of the car I waved at vi when she drove off I walked up to the door come on sky you can do it I knocked on the door I heard footsteps running towards the door it was flung open to reveal Louis with bags under his blood shot eyes he wore sweat pants and I'm going to admit he smelt like shit he looked at me before pulling me into a hug "I'm so sorry I shouldn't of done that " he rambled on I pulled out of his grip and looked at him he had tears slipping out of his eyes It broke my heart seeing my big brother the one who was meant to protect me from everything like this and it frightens me I walked into the lounge with him following me once I was in the lounge I sat down Louis sat next to me I looked at him he saw me looking at him and turned his heard avoiding my eyes I lifted my hand to his face I tried to move his face so he would look at me but he just turned his head even further I sighed before placing both of my hands on his stubbled face and pulled his face to look at me he tried fighting it but gave in his blue eyes looked into mine tears trailed down his face "I forgive you please stop crying " I said " I'm not crying because of that " he said I looked at him slightly confused "what do you mean " I asked "I'm meant to protect you be you guide in life but you don't need me anymore you already grew up with out me I missed everything " he said I slightly smiled "I'm always going to be that little girl you protected I'm always going to need my big brother I'll never grow to old for my boobear " I said he looked at me with a wide smile "you remembered the nickname " he said "of course I did you will always be my boobear and ill always be your baby tommo"I said his eyes brightened he was about to pull me into a hug when I stopped him he looked at me "I would hug you but you honestly smell like vomit and cat shit " I said he slightly chuckled I heard laughter from the door so I stood up and opened it all four boys fell to the ground "now get up" I said they all got up I walked back over to Louis remembering something " what about me and Harry" I whispered into his ear " you can date also you didn't hear this from me but Harry wants you to be his girlfriend" he whispered back into my ear I smiled wide before turning around I ran towards harry I jumped up on him and wrapped my legs around his waist while wrapping my arms around his neck I smashed my lips against his he reacted quickly and wrapped his arms around me holding me he kissed back I pulled away "yeah Harry " all the boys were cheering I slightly shook my head I gave them the finger resting my head against Harry's the boys laughed and Harry chuckled "so I guess Louis told you " he asked I nodded "and your answer "I cut him off "is yes" I said his face brightened he kissed me quickly and pulled back I smiled happily today's been a good day lets just hope it's always like this.


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