Louis's little sister

Skyler a girl who used to be picked on all her life finally got out of that he'll hole she calls school she hadn't seen her brother in three years and Louis thinks she looks the same but when he comes back for sky she's not the same girl he used to know. (Enjoy also if you like this book I have a few more you might like so enjoy :) )


6. Training


" beep beep beep" I groaned slamming my alarm clock off I stood up and looked at the time 5:00 am I sighed changing into my all black rugby shorts with a black sports bra with a black tank top over top I chucked my black Nikes on my feet and grabbed my gym bag I put in it my phone, drink bottle I put a hair tie on my wrist I hopped in my car seeing vi already in the car " AHH" I screeched she cracked up laughing " what the fuck are you trying to kill me" I asked holding my hand to my chest " sorry please forgive me" she said in a little baby voice while pulling the puppy dog face bitch she knows I can't say no to the puppy dog face I covered my face with my hands while groaning " of course I do how could I not when you pull the puppy face" I said while moving my hands and putting them on the wheel I started up the car and we went to the boxing gym once we walked in side I saw Louis and the boys comparing muscle sizes to johns I chuckled quietly before I ran up behind Louis and jumping on his back making sure I didn't do it to hard I heard Louis groan " what I'm not that heavy am I " I asked pretending to me offended he shook his head no "that's what I thought " I said jumping off his back " were you really comparing muscle sizes " they nodded "I have more muscle then all six of you together" I said they started chuckling "oh so you don't believe me" Louis walked next to me "no sorry little sis " I raised an eyebrow John cutted in  " I wouldn't laugh because its true "they all stopped and looked at me " how about you do my work out with me and once you fall or you can't do it  your out and have to watch deal " I asked they all nodded "deal" they said in sync " you have no idea what you just got your self into boys I can barley do it " they boys all look at me " ready " I asked they nodded so I walked over to the carpet area and layed on my back with my knees bent up the boys copied my actions " crunches follow my lead " I said I put my arms behind my head and started crunches with the boys copying once we did 150 I stood up and stretched out my stomach the boys stood up looking sore and stretched out their stomachs I made my way over to the chin up bars there was six bars lined up next to each other so we all grabbed our own "okay follow my lead again " once we did 80 we stopped they looked in pain while stretching their arms out they had a little bit of sweat on their heads I got down on the floor  in a push up position they copied once we did 120 I took one hand away the boys looked at me like I was crazy I started doing one handed push ups Niall and Louis and zayn and Harry fell so it was just me and Liam we were up to our 100 Liam looked like he was going to collapse I stood up I heard Liam sigh in relief I slightly chuckled and walked over to the I walked back over to the chin up bars with Liam and the boys following Liam grabbed the other bar I pulled myself up like I was doing a chin up but I held myself up I lifted my legs in front of me and started doing chin ups with my legs flat out in front of me after our 48 th Liam put his legs down and layed on the ground and just layed  there I giggled and 100 more once I was finished the boys all just looked at me " believe me now" they all quickly nodded I giggled and walked over to my bag and grabbed my towel and drink bottle I wrapped the towel around my neck and drank heaps of water John walked over to me " your finished for today just put some music on and yeah " I nodded walking to the stereo and plugged in my iPhone and turned on midnight memories I started swaying and shaking my hips it looked like I was grinding on someone "MIDNIGHT MEMORIES" I sang the boys and vi laughed at me I giggled and made my way towards them swaying and shaking my hips I grabbed Louis's hands pulling him up and dancing he laughed and danced I let go of his hands pulling up the rest of the boys and vi. And for the rest of two hours we danced and had a good time . 

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