Louis's little sister

Skyler a girl who used to be picked on all her life finally got out of that he'll hole she calls school she hadn't seen her brother in three years and Louis thinks she looks the same but when he comes back for sky she's not the same girl he used to know. (Enjoy also if you like this book I have a few more you might like so enjoy :) )


2. Seeing louis


" SKYLER ELIZABETH ROSE TOMLINSON GET YOUR FUCKING LAZY ASS UP NOW OUR YOU'LL BE LATE FOR TRAINING AND YOUR MATCH" I heard violet scream up the stairs I turn towards the clock to see its 4:50pm " shit" I say while jumping up I only have ten minutes intill training I run into my closet and put on a pair of black and white all black rugby shorts and a black tank top I pack a towel , water bottle and some tape for my hands into my bag for boxing I run down the stairs and chuck on my black runners vi comes walking towards me which is in front of the door with her house keys and my black hoodie I chuck it over my head and roll the sleeves up we make our way towards the limo that picks me up all the time for boxing we start to drive to the arena blasting one directions new album MIDNIGHT MEMORIES sorry I'm a bit of a fan I start to sing and dance along " LITTLE BLACK DRESS JUST WALKED INTO THE ROOM" I shouted at the top off my lungs out the window " hey um sky where's the cops that follow you around" vi said curiously I stick my head out the window and look behind the car to see no cops on that side " oh yeah no more cops" I said putting my head back in " um sky they are on this side" vi said pointing out her window to show three cop cars driving beside us I flop back into my seat and let out a loud sigh " spoke way to fucking soon" I said  "we are here miss Tomlinson " David our driver said me and vi hop out of the limo " thanks David see you here when it's finished" as soon as I turn towards the entrance I'm blinded by flashing lights that could only mean one thing paparazzi " skyler skyler over here" is all I hear while the police are making a path for me and vi and two of them escort us in we make our way over to my trainer John cena yeah I know the champion but hey they don't say the best get taught by the best for no reason now " hey John " " hey sky your late" he said while we did our hand shake " sorry cena" he hates it when I call him by his last name " don't push it Tomlinson " I put my hands up in surrender " oh hey vi didn't see you there" John said doing the same hand shake with vi " hey John " she replied " okay we are gonna do some warm ups first " he said starting to do squats wanting me to copy " IT'S YA MUM CALLING ANSWER THE GOD DANM PHONE" blasted through my phone I looked at John wanting to know if I could answer it he gives me a small nod I pull my iPhone 5 out of my pocket and answer the call " hey mum why you calling I'm about to train with John " " oh sorry sweety but I was just calling to tell you that Louis is back for a while" she replied with her sweet and gentle voice oh how I missed that voice " I'm sorry mum for the rude hello but why's he home" I answer shocked knowing that my big brother the one who was my rock and that showed me the light in everything was home finally " the boys have just finished one of their tours and the boys are staying at my house and Louis was wondering where you were so I said that you were going to a champion  boxing fight " she paused for a breath " and what mum" I asked desperate for the answer " um so the boys kinda got um tickets to the show that your boxing at tonight " she said kinda scared for my answer " what do they know that I'm the one boxing " " no they just think that your watching " " oh okay mum I'm gonna have to go I have ten minutes intill my match and I still have to warm up so I will keep an eye out for Louis love you mum " " love you too sweety just make sure Louis is safe please that's all I'm asking for" " yes mum I love you bye" " bye " I hang the phone up and hold in the tears that are threatening to pour out of my eyes " are you alright sky" John and vi ask me " yeah I'm fine it was just my mum telling me that louis is back and is watching my show tonight" " we'll what's wrong with that" John asked even more concerned that's John for ya always has my back he's like my 2nd father " um well he doesn't know that im fighting and when he sees the change in me he might disapprove of me and that's the last thing I want " he looks at me with sad eyes " but right now I have a fight to win so let's warm up" I made my way towards the chin up bars but as soon as I was about to lift John stopped me " nah ah ah take the piercings out and tie your hair up"  grr I take my piercings out and place them in johns out stretched hand and tied my hair up into a pony tail I place my hands on the bar  and start to do chin ups with John counting everyone I did-5 MINUTES LATER- " 100 now time for punching" I stop doing chin ups and make my way over to the punching bag -3 MINUTES LATER- " okay stop we have to get you ready " I stop punching and make my way towards John and vi who are near the entrance vi grabs my towel and water she wipes away the sweat on my forehead and brings my drink bottle near my lips and squirts the water into my mouth  I swallow the cold water John hands me my silk gown that's all black with flames I put it on and pull my hood up we start to wrap my hands in the tape we stand In front of the door to the ring and wait intill the announcer introduces me so I can walk out " this girl is facing the biggest champion in the world it is Eden cooper

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