Louis's little sister

Skyler a girl who used to be picked on all her life finally got out of that he'll hole she calls school she hadn't seen her brother in three years and Louis thinks she looks the same but when he comes back for sky she's not the same girl he used to know. (Enjoy also if you like this book I have a few more you might like so enjoy :) )


3. Seeing Louis part 2


" and this is the best girl fighter in the whole world " I start to walk towards stage with my hood up and walked up to the ring and did my move that I have done ever since I started boxing to get the crowd wild I shaked my hand by my arm  and flung my arm up into the air with my fist closed so basically I was fist pumping in the air I shouted " WHOOP WHOOP WAS UP " the crowd started screaming " this is the one and only tommo the Tomlinson SKYLER" I get in the ring and stand up I take off my gown and straight away I see Louis and the rest of the boys the ref pulls us closer to each other I put my hand out for her to shake but she just pushes it away the ref said go she punched my right in the jaw and pushed me on the ground I land on my back  and what's even worse is Louis is in front row watching me I flip myself back up and punch her right between the eyes she falls on the ground I sit on top of her and threw multiple punches in her face she was trying to protect her face with her arms but failing badly because my knees were holding her hands down the ref had to pull me of of her she had a broken nose and a busted lip and eyebrows a swollen eye and two swollen cheeks and a few missing teeth she could barely stand up her manager jumped in the ring and ran over to the ref and whispered something into his ear the ref nodded and said into the speaker " EDEN COOPER FORFEITS THIS MATCH BECAUSE SHE IS NO MATCH FOR HER SO I GIVE THE HONOURS TO PRESENT THIS YEARS GOLD CHAMPION BELT TO THE GIRL WHO HAS WON IT EVERY YEAR FOR THE  PAST THREE YEARS SKYLER TOMLINSON " John and vi jump up into the ring and come over to me and give me a massive hug when they pull away the ref Walks over to me with the belt in his hand he hands it to me and I lift it up in the air and shout " WOOHOO " we walk backstage I wrap a towel around my neck and pour heaps of water into my mouth I put my piercings back in and I sit on the nearest chair and start to remove the tape as soon as I put it in my bag I hear someone shouting" SKYLER " I know that voice wait I know that voice fuck I was about to walk away when I felt myself be pulled into a hug I'm shocked at first but then when I look at who it is I calm down a wee bit " are you alright what happened to you why's your hair blue why are you fighting any way" I shut him up by putting my hand over his mouth I remove it and answer his questions " first yes I'm alright second my hairs blue because I needed a change and third I started fighting as soon as you left for xfactor because I had enough of all the bullies that's why" I said taking in a deep breath he stood out a bit and looked at my face slightly frowning " why do you cover your beautiful face with those piercings and all that make up" he said brushing his hand across my cheek (she did her make up after the fight it looks exactly like the make up on the cover except not pale skin colour) " I feel better covering up my face and hiding all my emotions with these piercings  and make up" that's  why vi and John were worried when I nearly cried when mum told me Louis was back because I never really showed emotion you would be lucky if I even smiled for you he looked down for a split second then his head shot up he was holding my wrist " why on earth have you got tattoos " it wasn't that bad if he wanted to see tattoos he should look at the rest of me " it's not that bad Louis" " uh yes it is please tell me these are your only tattoos " " if I were to say yes I would be lieing to you" " wait there's more " " yes about 8 or 9 more " " um on the way back to your place please tell me everything that has been going on for these past three years" " are you sure " " yes I'm bloody sure" " as you wish brother " .

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