Louis's little sister

Skyler a girl who used to be picked on all her life finally got out of that he'll hole she calls school she hadn't seen her brother in three years and Louis thinks she looks the same but when he comes back for sky she's not the same girl he used to know. (Enjoy also if you like this book I have a few more you might like so enjoy :) )


10. A/N

Hey Oreos 

well I just wanted to talk to you guys to cheer myself up because people just haven't liked me the last couple of days I lost the friendship between me and one of my mates I was kicked around and shit cause apparently I said something to my old mate when she said it to me and then right now I just finished crying my eyes out because I just got called a lot of things I wish to not repeat and then I was being threatened by people saying if she takes her life I will kill you myself and shit like that and really I'm just a big emotional mess right now and my eyes are burning like a bitch urg I hate crying in the middle of the night but yeah people just don't seem to like me anymore what do u guys think of all this well thats all .

Luv ya xxx

bye Oreos 



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