DELETE (A Zayn Malik Fanfic)

Zayn Malik gets a lot of hate on the internet, but there is one hater who sticks out to him the most... A girl who constantly pops up into his life; one that he can't get rid of. "What is her deal?," Malik asks himself. The girl later ends up feeling a way she never expected.


14. UPDATE (Not a chapter)

*******AUTHORS NOTE*******

Hey guys! So you all are probably wondering what the title of this story means. Well you'll find out in a couple chapters! But on one condition... You guys need to be more active! Do want to know when Zayn will say 'I love you'? Do you want more drama? Well once my story gets 15 LIKES AND 20 FAVORITES, I will post the next chapter ;) Please leave a comment about what you think about this story, or tell me what you think about the characters! thanks everyone! I'll post the next chapter when this story gets 15 LIKES AND 20 FAVORITES !

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