DELETE (A Zayn Malik Fanfic)

Zayn Malik gets a lot of hate on the internet, but there is one hater who sticks out to him the most... A girl who constantly pops up into his life; one that he can't get rid of. "What is her deal?," Malik asks himself. The girl later ends up feeling a way she never expected.


17. Surprise!

No one's POV

It was a gloomy, rainy, day. The trees swayed with the rhythm of wind, while the loud drops of rain thumped onto the roof. It was 9 am in London, but it felt like night. Lia laid there in her bed, thinking. She surrounded herself with heavy blankets for comfort. As she thought about the choices she had been making in her life, she stared at the ceiling, painted white. Emptiness; was all she felt. She didn't move, as if she was dead. She blinked over and over as tears filled her eyes. Thought after thought, floating in her mind. As the rain poured harder down to the Earth's surface, she felt regret. Regret that she ever let the love of her life go. She wanted to feel the warmth of his body next to hers. She wanted to feel his soft lips against hers again. She wanted him to stay forever.

Lia's POV

I sat up from my bed, and got up from underneath the covers. I walked over to my old record player that my mother gave to me... It was very special to her. She liked to take small pictures of all of the family and glue it to the outside of the box... It honesty made it one million times more valuable to me. I opened up the box and then chose a record. I chose an Al Green song, because he was my fathers favorite singer... As the record spun and played, I got back into bed.

My eyes were swollen and red from the endless crying. My heart, beating slowly. I felt like screaming. I want my boyfriend back. I want the hear his comforting Bradford accent say my name. I miss when he would run his fingers through my hair and give me that bright, sparkling smile. His beautiful hazel eyes would gleam in the sunlight, as he smiled so happily. I just feel like breaking up with Zayn was the worst choice I've ever made. Maybe I was being a little too misunderstanding. I should of let him explain what happened, but I just don't want to think about what happened. Perrie ruined what Zayn and I had. Everything was fine just until she showed up. If only I hadn't said what I said back there at the party, I could be talking to my boyfriend right now, but thanks to my stupid self, Zayn definitely won't talk to me because I threatened to put his phone number online.

But what if I did the right thing? What if Zayn truly did kiss Perrie? What if he really loves her and they were actually about to do the dirty deed. What if those "I love you"'s he said to me were never real? Maybe I was right to break up with him right then and there. Maybe he really is the asshole I think he might be. I would be so disappointed. The first love of my life to become a total flop. My "ride or die" just died.

I grab the edge of my blanket and pull it up close towards my face. I start to close my eyes at the thought of Zayn laughing. The cute image or is face scrunched up and his eyes glaring made me smile. I miss him...

Emily's POV

I was laying in my bed, in deep sleep when I got a call from Niall.

"Hello, babe! Good morning!" He exclaims.

"Morning, love. Wow, you seem energized." I say.

"Yeah, haha. I woke up an hour early. I just came back from a run. What are you doing tonight?" He asks.

"Oh uh--" The door bell rings. "Um hold on Niall. I'll call you back. There's someone at the door."

"Okay, love you!" He says.

"I love you too! Bye." I hang up.

I get out of bed and put my hair up. The door bell rings once again. "I'm coming," I say. As I get to the door, I grab onto the knob. Once the door is open, I see a face that I haven't seen in years. It was Sierra. "Emily! Oh my gosh!" She yells, hugging me. "Sierra! I can't believe it! What are you doing here?" I say excitedly. She walked in, bringing in her suitcase. "Well... As you know, when I moved it was because of my fathers job. And now his job has allowed him to move back! Emily I'm staying permanently!" She cheered. "That's so great! Now all of us can catch up again! But you should know some stuff first. It's sort of exciting." I smile. "Tell me all the details!" She says sitting on the couch. "Well ... Soon after you left us Jennifer started acting different and bitchy. She started making fun of Lia and making her feel miserable." I tell her. "You know that one band One Direction, right?" I ask. "Yeah, definitely! I love them." She nods. "Well it turns out that each of them lives really close to us! About 5 months ago Lia met Zayn and they started going out." Sierra started to smile. "But Jennifer started to change. She started calling Lia names, ignoring her, using her, everything! I was trapped with her. But I felt so bad, and I finally said something to her. Everything is alright between us now though." I said. "And I'm also dating someone..." Sierra's smile appeared again. "Who?!" She asked. "Niall Horan." I smiled. "Oh my god! You guys are so lucky." She whimpered.

"Hey Sierra... You want to get the group back together?" I asked. "That's a great idea!" She replied. I took out my cell phone, and put Lia and Jennifer in a group chat.

Me: Hey guys! Do you wanna meet up today?

Lia: Sure. Where?

Jennifer: Where?

Me: uh how about my place ? Be here in 40.

I put my phone in my pocket, then turned to Sierra. "Hey they'll be here in forty minutes! Go upstairs, and unpack." I said to her. She grabbed her luggage and walked up the stairs. I walked over towards my kitchen cupboard and took out four cups. I also grabbed some balloons and streamers from my drawers. I quickly blew up the balloons and taped the streamers to the wall. Once I finished, I took the left over ice cream and soda I had in my freezer and made floats. I'm trying to make it like the good all days... When we had random parties and the four of us just hang out talking.

Sierra came down from downstairs after about 25 minutes. "Hey so is this a good outfit because-- woah... How'd you do this in just a little amount of time?" She asked surprised. "I just hurried." I chuckled. "Oh my gosh! This is so cool! It's just like the only times!" She smiled. As she looked at the dinner table, she squinted at my face. "What?" I asked confused. "WE NEED MORE FOOD!" She whined. "Ohhh! I have bagel bites!" I laughed. I grabbed a tray of bagel bites from my freezer and baked them in the oven. "This is gonna be so fun! We can watch movies, talk, dance... Do you have any music?" Sierra reminds me. "Yeah, plug my phone into those speakers by the corner." I handed her my phone.

I got a text from Jennifer.

Jennifer: hey me and Lia are coming a little early. We'll be there in a few minutes.

My eyes widen. "Sierra they're coming! Hurry, go hide behind the kitchen counter!" I yell. *KNOCK KNOCK* I walk over to the door. As I open the door I see the familiar faces. "Hey guys." I smile. They both walk in confused. "Why does this look like a party?" Lia asks. I just walk to the table, and don't say anything. Lia and Jennifer just follow me and sit down. "Here I made you guys root-beer floats." I hand them the cups. "Hey just like old days!" Jennifer realizes. "Oh yeah!" Says Lia. Then I look down at the corner of my eye and see Sierras hand grabbing for Jennifer's ankle. *YANK* "OW WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!" Jennifer asks creeped out. I shrug. Then next was Lia's turn. "OH MY GOSH I FELT IT TOO!" She stares at us worried. "BOO!" Sierra jumps up from behind us. Both Lia and Jennifer scream as Sierra and I burst out laughing. "OH MY GOD SIERRA!" They both run to Sierra hugging her tightly. "What are you doing here?" Jennifer asks excitedly. "I'm moving back here!" She smiles. "Why didn't you tell us she came back, Emily?" Lia laughs. "I wanted it to be a surprise." I smirk. "Oh my god! It is so nice to see you again! We've missed you for all of these years." Lia says. "Well now we've got all of this time to make up those years. Anybody up for a party?" Sierra smirks devilishly.

*******AUTHOR'S NOTE*******

HELLO EVERYONE! I'm sorry it took me so long to update :/ I've just been super busy with school and drama & I've totally forgotten about this app in general 😂 This is the first time I've ever opened up this app in like the last 3 months. So too make it up, I wrote this chapter, and there is more to come. Please LIKE, FAVORITE, and COMMENT to let me know you that you want me to keep writing this movella. Thanks! Xx.

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