DELETE (A Zayn Malik Fanfic)

Zayn Malik gets a lot of hate on the internet, but there is one hater who sticks out to him the most... A girl who constantly pops up into his life; one that he can't get rid of. "What is her deal?," Malik asks himself. The girl later ends up feeling a way she never expected.


4. Movie... Date?

Lia's POV

I sat down on the couch as Zayn chose a movie to watch. He chose the movie 'The Perks of Being A Wallflower'. I stared at him, thinking. Why did he invite me? He should be angry right now. Come to think of it, why did I say yes? I should be on Twitter, sending him mean words, trying to make him frustrated...

Zayn came and sat beside me on the right. Halfway through the movie, I could feel Zayn's arm shifting closer and closer to me. And soon, his arm was around my waist.

"What are you doing?" I chuckle softly.

"Shhh. Just continue to watch the movie" He says smiling.

I decide to just continue watching. By the last bit of the movie, I'm laying back in his arm, with his chin on top of my head. When the movie ends, I get up and out his hold. He makes a confused look.

"Well... I think I should get going now..." I say to break the awkwardness.

"Oh... Right. Let's go." He gives a small smile.


He drops me off at my place. I walk over to the drivers side.


"Yes, Lia?"


"Thanks for what?"

"For this necklace, and for inviting me."

He starts to chuckle lightly.

"You're welcome. Goodnight."

I wave goodbye as he drives off. I walk into my home and sit down on my couch, remembering what just happened. I don't know why it happened, but all I know is that I don't want to send him hate anymore.

The memory of him wrapping his arms around me and holding me kept replaying in my mind over and over again. The warmth of him really got to me. I don't know one single person who would treat someone like me with kindness. I adored that about him. Maybe Zayn really does have a heart...

Zayn's POV

I don't know why I just did that, but I think it was the right thing to do... I could feel her warm up inside. But now I have to wait for tomorrow to receive the next task. Why does she hate me?

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