DELETE (A Zayn Malik Fanfic)

Zayn Malik gets a lot of hate on the internet, but there is one hater who sticks out to him the most... A girl who constantly pops up into his life; one that he can't get rid of. "What is her deal?," Malik asks himself. The girl later ends up feeling a way she never expected.


16. Day 2: Being Single

Lia's POV

I remember what he asked me months ago. Why do you hate me? I didn't have a reason back then, but now I do. 'I hate you because you are a two timing asshole, who thinks you can do what ever you wan to me, because you're Zayn Malik.' I thought to myself. Fuck guys. Forget love. Who needs it?

Emily's POV

Well... Niall and I are still together. I actually like him a lot. At first I just went out with him because Jennifer told me to, so we could make Lia mad. But I am really developing feelings for him. He's the most sweetest guy I've ever dated. All of my ex's were pigs who would tell me that they loved me, then cheat on me for some whore. Niall likes to hang out a lot, and he likes to give me company. What I like about him most is his laugh. He has this special laugh that no one in the world could possibly have. He calls me beautiful everyday, unlike my ex. He actually makes me feel loved.

But I still can't believe that Lia and Zayn broken up. I'm pretty ashamed of Zayn. How could he have done that to her? I know Lia loved him, she really did. Well at least she didn't give up her virginity for that loser. Ha, that would've been stupid...

Liam's POV

Poor Zayn... He loved this girl more than Perrie. Him and Perrie have never even did it together once when they dated, so that means something. Zayn's first was Lia! She obviously meant the world... I just hope she comes to reason, and let's Zayn explain what happened...

Imagine if Danielle and I broke up... I'd be so heart broken. She is the best girlfriend I've ever had. She really cares about me, and I know she tries her best to show me. Some times you just know that you really love someone and wish you could spend the rest of your life with them, but God can never promise you love forever... Although we wish we could be together forever, you never know what could happen. That's the exciting thing about life; You never know what your future holds...

Zayn's POV

I just want to cry, but I don't. I just feel lonely now because I don't have to wake up early and pick my girlfriend up. I can't smile when I see my girlfriends face. I can't kiss her until our lips out numb. I hate this. When Perrie broke up with me, I didn't really care that much because I knew that it was better that way, but this... No. I just can't cope! I remember the moment of us together sharing a bed, waking up next to each other, like it was yesterday. In that moment, all of our love surrounded each other, and it was just so perfect. If I could have one wish, my wish would be to live in that moment forever.

I log onto my laptop and check twitter. So far, no one knows anything about the break up. But I wish that the fans didn't attack Lia like that. They say she's ugly or she is ungrateful. I just hate when people treat others like they are unworthy. Ironic right? I fell in love with someone who treated me like that. I guess people fall in love with things that they least expect they would. But come to think of haters... I still never got an answer. Why did she hate me? What made her make that twitter account? What would've happened if she never made that account, and we never met? Would I have been better off? Or just more in pain than I already am...?

I felt so bored and empty just sitting at home by myself... I wanted someone to talk to... I went on Google and typed in 'Chat Room'. I clicked on the first link listed that said "BuddyRoom" . The first thing you had to do was make a screen name, so I just put "Mr Z". I decided that whoever I started talking to, I wouldn't tell them that it was me. I just simply wanted someone to talk to.

Mr Z: hello

BP: hey

Mr Z: Are you a girl or boy?

BP: Girl :)

Mr Z: what does BP stand for?

BP: blasian persuasion.

I laughed at her answer. It was funny because in a recent interview that the boys and I did, we were asked what our 'stripper names' would be, and I said Asian persuasion. Lia was Black and Asian...

Mr Z: Ha that's funny. My ex was blasian... :)

BP: oh really? Haha that's so cool. But how'd you guys break up..?

Mr Z: Uh I don't really like to talk about it... Sorry

BP: Oh .. It's okay. I've just gone through a break up also. It sucks. I really loved him..

Mr Z: He didn't love you back? :/

BP: no... I found out he was cheating on me. I thought I could trust him. He made me feel used and ugly. I just thought we'd be together forever...

Mr Z: I understand... I had thoughts about proposing to my girlfriend. I didn't even cheat on her. But don't ever say you're ugly. Every girl is beautiful :)

BP: thanks, you really made my day! May I ask what your name is?

I was about to say it, but then I remembered that I had to stay undercover. I chose the name 'Dustin' off the top of my head.

Mr Z: Dustin haha

BP: Dustin? Where'd you get Mr Z from?

Mr Z: oh I just got it off a movie.

BP: Haha. Well I'll talk to you later.. Add me, so I can find you again. Bye(: xx

That conversation only lasted about 10 minutes but.. It kind of made me think about how that girl must be feeling. She said her boyfriend never loved her... Imagine what it would feel like to just not feel loved. I can actually feel the pain... This is probably how Lia is feeling right about now. I just want to hold her and tight and whisper in her ear, that everything is going to be okay. She is the first person, I've ever told all my secrets to. She's is the first person I actually ever truly loved...

Your love is forever in my heart. I just wish to never be apart. When you cry those sad tears, just know I feel them rolling off your cheek. Just know, that I feel how weak you feel. When your sad, I'm sad. I'll be there when you need me. Maybe not physically, but in your mind and soul. Remember that you are my other half, that makes my body function. Baby, I'm coming for you. I'll be there in your arms soon. Keep going on, and I'll keep chasing. One day, I'll be kissing your soft lips once again. Lovely, why are are you so sad? I'm in love with you. You just don't know that yet. I can't wait to see your beautiful face when I say the words. I can't wait to see what you say, when I ask you the big question. Be mine forever?

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