One Direction Imagines

Hi guys!!!!!:D I'm really excited about this one! I work really hard on it:) So in the book, I want to right imagines for you! Like so incredibly bad! So just comment me about who your guy in 1D is and then your name!:) and others details if you want!:) btw fan me and I'll fan you!:)


13. Imagine for Kendell

(This imagine will be in first person pov)

Niall would be home in 30 minutes. And I had no idea how I was going to tell him.

Niall and I have been happily married for about 6 months now. I love him more and more each day and I know he loves me just the same, but what if what's happened changes that.. I went to the doctor today for my annual checkup and left with a bigger amount of information than I'd hoped for. Turned out I have a little bun in the oven and I have no idea how my Ni is going to respond to it! I've been worrying about it since I got the news. I knew I needed to get my mind off of things so I decided to get dinner ready. I picked a few things out of the fridge and threw something together. The house started to smell amazing. I knew Niall would love it! Naill...hhhh, I forgot about how he may react to the news. I need to think of some way to tell him. I finished preparing dinner and walked over to the living room and sat on the couch, my back was to the door. I pretended that Ni was sitting across from me. "Hhh, niall I need to tell you something. Ugh! No that's sounds awful!" I said to myself. "Niall, baby. What?! No I'm not starting off with baby and ending with baby! Ok, let's see here.." I was too focused that I didn't here the door open. "Niall, babe, uhm ha speaking of babe....we are having one?! Ugh how am I going to tell him?!"

"Tell who what?" I turned around and saw my amazingly handsome husband standing in the doorway. He must have come in without me noticing. I ran over into his arms and kissed him. We came apart and he looked down at me. "Babe it smells amazing in here." He softly spoke.

"Thank you babe." I paused, I still had to tell him the news. "Uhm babe...I need to tell you something." My heart was racing and my mouth was going dry.

"Alright let's here it." He smiled and walked us over to the couch. He sat down and had me sit in his lap.

"Hhhh, uhm, Niall...remember the night we came home from Harry's place, and we sorta had a little fun?"

He grinned. "Haha ohhhh babe how could I forget that?!" He chuckled. "Why do you ask?"

"You know what can happen when things like that happen..." I stated.

"Yes babe I'm quiet aware."

"Ok well what if we uhm had a baby?" I asked nervously.

I could tell he took it the wrong way because he said, "Babe, we talked about this right? We are waiting to have kids until all the 'band' stuff dies down a little. Otherwise we would never be a close family. I would always be off touring and you and the baby would be here alone without me." He was a little serious now.

"Well what if we worked things out?"

"Kendell. We have been over this ok. Just drop it."


"Kendell." He said a little more stern. "Drop it." I got up off the couch and walked into the kitchen. I sat in a chair, put my hands in my face and tried to think this through. This could not be happening! He's going to be so mad! What if, what if he leaves me?!

"Kendell." He said making his way over to me. "Babe please understand me, we just aren't re-"

"I'm pregnant." I interupted.

He froze solid. "What?" He asked.

"I said I'm pregnant." I said again.

"H-how?! Kendell we talked about it!! We agreed!!" He started to yell. I tensed up and my heart was beating hard.

"Niall I can't he-"

"How could you?! We agreed Kendell! Now he or she won't have a daddy!" I shot my eyes up at him.

"WHAT?!" I asked frantically.

"I'll be on tour!!!!" He yelled. "I won't even be here!!! How could you let this happen Kendell?!" With that he walked up to the bedroom and slammed the door.

I sat there on our swing in the backyard with a tear stained face. After the fight I ran out here to get some fresh air. "He didn't mean it." I told myself. "He didn't mean it! We will be a family together. We have t-t-to!" I choked back my tears. Niall wouldn't ever leave me. I know he wouldn't. He just needed some time to....who am I kidding?! He's going to leave me and the little one!!! I sat there crying for about 30 minutes and I felt someone sit beside me. I looked up and saw my Ni. My handsome Niall. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close. I rested my head on his shoulder. "Babe." He stated. I could tell by his voice he had been crying too. "I'm sorry, I'm SO sorry." He paused. "I'm willing to prepare myself for whatever this baby brings us."

"I'm not." I said without hesitation.

"What? Why?!" He asked astonished.

"Babe, you won't be here! You practically said we weren't ready for this! And it's all my fault!! I'm the one who should be sorry!" I sobbed into his chest and he pulled me closer.

"Kendell....this is not your fault! Don't think that for a minute! If it's anyone's fault it's mine. I'm the one that caused this to happen haha." His comment made me smile a little. "And as for the tour...we will work something out ok. We will be a family whether this works out or not ok?" He leaned his head down and kissed my head. "I promise!"

I looked up and smiled at him. "I love you niall." I stated.

He leaned down and kissed me passionately. "I love you more."

:D hey!!:) I hope you liked it! I worked really hard on it oh and I'm sorry that it's so long haha got carried away:)

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