One Direction Imagines

Hi guys!!!!!:D I'm really excited about this one! I work really hard on it:) So in the book, I want to right imagines for you! Like so incredibly bad! So just comment me about who your guy in 1D is and then your name!:) and others details if you want!:) btw fan me and I'll fan you!:)


15. Imagine for Danielle

*This imagine will be in first person*

I arrived to Niall's for the party he was having. Me and him were pretty close, and last night we finally confessed our feelings for each other. I've liked him ever since we met. And now I finally know he likes me.

I walked up to his front porch and knocked on the door. Some guy answered it and let me in. "Uhm have you by chance seen Niall?" I ask him hoping for a good answer.

"Uh...yeah I think he's in his room." He pointed down the hall.

"I know where his room is, thank you." I smiled and walked down the hallway to Niall's room, squeezing through probably twenty people I finally got there. The door was cracked open so I just walked right on in. Which was a bad soon as I walked in I found Niall kissing a girl. I froze and Niall pushed the girl away and look at me surprised. "Danielle!" He yelled.

"Niall? I'm, I...hhhhh..." I could feel the tears brimming my eyes so I ran out of his room and back through the crowd. I ran out the door and towards me car. I hear Niall screaming my name. I then saw him running towards my car. I quickly locked the doors, I looked out the window and made I contact with him. All of a sudden tears came streaming down my face and I drove off crying my heart out.


My heart broke as Danielle entered my room and saw that girl kissing me. It wasn't what it looked like! I walked into my room to get something and I saw some girl I didn't even know sitting on my bed. "Uhm, who are you? And why are you in my room?" I asked her suspiciously.

"Oh ha I was looking for the bathroom and lost my way." She said batting her eyes at me. Ha sure lost her way?!

"Uhm well it's down the hall and to the left." I said showing her the door. But she stopped as turned towards me.

"Haha I wasn't really looking for the bathroom silly! I was waiting for you." Then out of no where she stood on her tip toes and kissed me!! I shoved her off of me and then saw someone in my door way. It was Danielle..."Danielle!" I yelled. She started to say something but I could hear her voice starting to shake and then she ran off, I immediately ran after her. I had to tell her what happened! But when I got through the crowd, she was already out the door. I shot out the door after her and she was getting I to her car, I ran up to it and she looked at me and was crying. How could this be happening! I finally found out she liked me and now some idiotic girl I didn't even know ruined it!

I got in my car and made my way to her house.


When I got home I sprinted up to my room and closed the door. I ran to my bed and just cried. How could Niall have done that to me?! He said he liked me! But apparently he doesn't! And that's exactly what I kept telling myself over and over again, until I fell asleep.


I got to her house and ran around to her window. It was up higher so I got a few pebbles and started tossing them at it. I tossed about five and never got an answer so I ran around to the backyard, hopped the fence and ran inside through the back door. I ran up to her bedroom and the door was closed, I knocked and didn't get an answer, I knew she was here because her car was parked out front. I slowly opened the door and found her sleeping on her bed. I walked over to her and sat on the bed looking at her tear stained face. I rubbed her arm. "Danielle?" I whispered. She slightly jumped. Then fluttered open her eyes.

"Niall?...what are you doing here?" She asked curiously.

"I needed to explain about what happened at the party." I said.

"There's no need ok, if you like her then....uhm..y-you should g-go for it." Her voice was shaking. I knew she didn't mean it, she was just trying to be a good friend.

"Danielle, I know you don't mean that. I dot like her I you." Her eyes shot to mine.

"W-what? But I saw you kiss her..."

"No, you saw her kiss me. She leaned in and kissed me and right when she did you walked in. Danielle, I would never want to hurt you! Your my best friend and I love you! I'm sorry, so truly sorry that all this has there any way you-" I was interrupted by her kissing kissing me. It was our first kiss and it was incredible. We pulled apart and I wrapped her in my arms. "I love you Danielle. Will, will you be mine?" She pulled apart from me and smiled.

"Only if you be mine." She said before we leaned in and kissed again.

I hope you liked it Danielle!!!:)

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