One Direction Imagines

Hi guys!!!!!:D I'm really excited about this one! I work really hard on it:) So in the book, I want to right imagines for you! Like so incredibly bad! So just comment me about who your guy in 1D is and then your name!:) and others details if you want!:) btw fan me and I'll fan you!:)


7. Imagine for Crystal

*You and Zayn have been best friends for the longest time. You two did everything together.*

One day you two were sitting in the kitchen making dinner. He came over for dinner quite a lot. You two were home alone due to your parents going out on a date. Tonight you and Zayn decided to have a breakfast dinner. You both loved pancakes. It was getting a little quiet because Zayn was so focused on making the batter. "Hey Crystal will you hand me the flour? This pancake batter is too runny." He asked politely. Without hesitating you started to pick up the flour, but had a better idea. You scooped some into your hand and turned and looked at Zayn. "Zayn?" You say sweetly as possible. "Look..." He turned around and then froze when you threw the flour into his face. You stand there laughing your head off at Zayn's white face. "You did not just do that!" Zayn says in astonishment. "Oh but I did!" You yell laughing. That's when Zayn caught you off guard and flung some batter at your face. For a minute you just stood there. "Zayn! Seriously!?" You half yell. You looked up at him and he was smirking. "Hey now! You did the same to me!" He laughed. That's when you wipe your hand on your face and smear some batter on his face before he can move. "CRYSTAL!" He yells but you sprint off running before he can finish. You think you've gotten away when you feel a strong arm wrap around your waist and jerk you towards a warm body. Zayn turns you around and pulls you even closer to him, your faces now inches apart. He was about to say something but his face changed and he paused..."You know something? I never noticed how blue your eyes were." He says starring into your eyes. You blush and look at the floor. "Maybe you hair color brings out your eye color..." His voice was softer than usual. He lifted your chin and said, "Man...uhm Crystal, can I tell you something?" You smile and nod. "I like you, like more than just friends. I love your long wavy red hair and you blue eyes, I love you smile and the way your teeth shine when you smile. Will..will you be my girl?" You froze...did he really just say all this and then ask you if you would be his girl? HIS girl?! "Uhm...yes.." You answered smiling so big your cheeks hurt. "Really?!" Zayn asked astonished. "Yes really! Zayn I've liked you since day one." You say. "I just never thought you would ever ask me out, I thought you wou-" you were interrupted by Zayn pressing his lips against yours. You jumped at first but then kissed him back. When you pulled apart he said,"Wow...that's was better than I imagined." You smiled and pulled him back in for another kiss.

•Hey Crystal!:) I hope you liked it!!! Thank you for the request!

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