One Direction Imagines

Hi guys!!!!!:D I'm really excited about this one! I work really hard on it:) So in the book, I want to right imagines for you! Like so incredibly bad! So just comment me about who your guy in 1D is and then your name!:) and others details if you want!:) btw fan me and I'll fan you!:)


24. Imagine for Carrie

Imagine For Carrie

"It can't be that bad babe, let me see." Liam motions for you to come to him. Slowly you walk over them hold out your hand. "Oh it isn't terrible, I think you'll live." He grins.

"Still, that hurt!" You pout. He wraps you in his warm embrace and kisses your new bruised hand.

"Next time, just listen to me and I'll get it for you. It isn't safe to climb on top of the counter like that." He used his protective time that he always used.

"That's not fun though, you see climbing is like an adventure. And adventure's my middle name...sort of..." He chuckled.

"Why don't we just put on a movie, yeah?" He asks you.

"Alright, but I get to choose!" You then dash off for the living room, you hear his foot steps not too far behind you when suddenly you're lifted up off the ground and into someone's arms. "Not fair!" You laugh.

"Totally fair!" Liam argues back. "How about this, you get to choose the movie if-"

"If??" You interrupt.

"If you give me a kiss!"

"Fine." You smirk. Liam then leans in and kisses you softly.

However, life is never what you want it to be, so the door bell rings. With you still in his arms, Liam walks over to the door to find none other than his ex...

"Danielle!" He says almost dropping you. "Wha-what are you doing here?! I thought you went back to-"

"I came back!" She yells, running to Liam and wrappings her arms around him. Liam, being sweet, hugs her back. This sends you into jealous mode.

"Hmhm." You clear your throat.

Liam turns to you and his smile slightly fades. "Oh! This is Danielle,"

"Friend! Well, for now at least!" Danielle smirks at you with evil eyes.

"I'm Carrie." You fake a smile, trying to be sweet, and stick out your hand for her to shake...which she doesn't.

"Nice place you got here Li!" She walks in and casually makes herself at home. "Where's the bathroom?" She asks.

"Down the hall and to the right." Liam states.

Danielle disappears into the hallway and you immediately turn to your boyfriend. "Who is that? And why is she here?!" You try to keep your calm.

"Hhh, she's my ex...I don't know why she's back but I know why she's here...I think..."


"I think she wants to get back togeth-"

"Hey, hey, hey! So I was thinkin me and you could go see a movie tonight while your little friend makes us some dinner?" Danielle speaks coming from the hallway, to Liam.

"Uhm, actually we were in the middle of-"

"Nah, you won't mind, will ya Li?!" She flutters her eyelashes. And it makes you sick. How dare this..this rat...come into your home like this?! Right before you can answer Liam speaks up.

"No. I do mind actually." He paused. "Look, Carrie is my girlfriend, I love her too much to do that to her. We had a thing Danielle...we did...but that's the past and I'm ready for my future, with Carrie... We may have had a thing at one time, but it's over. I'm sorry but you need to leave."

Danielle's shocked face almost throws you into a fit of laughter. Liam just said he wanted to start thinking of a future with you!

Danielle leaves and as Liam shuts the door he slowly turns around to you. "Carrie I-"

"I love you." You smile wide. However, not as wide as Liam. He rushes to you and pulls you into his arms.

"Not as much as I love you! Im so sorry! I had no idea she would be over or act like that-"

"Hey." You say pulling away slightly to look up at him. "It's alright." You grin.

"Promise?" He asks grinning as well.

"Promise." You say before his lips meet yours.

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