One Direction Imagines

Hi guys!!!!!:D I'm really excited about this one! I work really hard on it:) So in the book, I want to right imagines for you! Like so incredibly bad! So just comment me about who your guy in 1D is and then your name!:) and others details if you want!:) btw fan me and I'll fan you!:)


1. Harry # 1

Harry: It's been such a long day at work and you're sick of your boss. He's alway giving you crud about how you never do your job right. You finally arrive at home and you walk in the front door and into the living room where you wonderful husband is sitting on the couch.

"Hey babe." You say in a tired voice. But Harry doesn't answer you. "Babe. I said hey." You say a little louder. Again no answer. "BABE!?" You yell.


"I SAID HEY!" You're getting irritated.

"AND I SAID IM WATCHING MY FAVORITE SHOW!" He yelled at the top o his lungs also getting irritated. "Why do you always do that?! I never yell at you when I get home from work!"

"You're yelling at me now!" You scream.

"Ya only because you deserve it!" He responded.

That was it. You couldn't take it anymore,"You know?! I was having an awful day today! I was hoping I could come home to my wonderful husband who would cheer me up, but....but.." You then burst into tears and sprint upstairs to your bedroom locking the door.

Pretty soon you hear footsteps down the hall and they were getting closer. "(Y/N)?" Harry said softly. He hated knowing that you were upset, especially if it was because of him. "I'm sorry babe. I got in an argument with one of the guys today and I'm still frustrated about it. Please unlock the door."

You lay there crying on the bed. "Babe? Please open up." He says once more. You were going to go and unlock it but it was so far and well you were exhausted. You ended up falling asleep.

While you were asleep Harry found the emergency key on top of the door frame and he unlocked your guy's bedroom door. He walked in quietly and saw you peacefully sleeping there under the covers. He tiptoed over to you and noticed your little nose was pink from crying. He gently kissed you on the lips and snuck under the covers with you. He then slowly raps one arm underneath your shoulders and the other around your waist and pulls you closer to him, thus waking you up. "Hey baby." You mumble. Completely forgetting about the fight you guys had earlier. "Hey babe." He replies. "I'm so sorry about the fight. I'm an idiot, and I hope you can forgive me?" He questions.

"Of course I can baby. I was just stressed. I'm sorry, too." You say. After you have told him about your day he holds you tighter in his arms and you slowly fall asleep.

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