"Can't Expect Much"

This movella is about hardships of a young girl at age 17, she is tired of the problems with family and eventually moves in with Grayson, the love of her life. Join these two lovers on an incredible journey throughout their lives.


1. What am I Getting Into

He grabbed my arm and said to me, "If you love me you'd do this with me." 

"Well I- I don't know.. I come from a very religious family and you know that! Do you know what would happen to me if I had sex before marriage and in a car, too?" I replied.

His eyes drooped down, "Katrina, no one ever waits for sex anymore, come on baby I love you." he said, while grabbing my hips and kissing my jaw line.

I let him sit there and kiss me, my lack of sexual action has been screaming, "Do it, do it!", but deep down in my heart, it said "You need to wait. You do not wanna make this mistake."

I loved Grayson I really did, but I felt the need to hold off on rushing into things. I twirled my side braid in little circles and said, "Look, Grayson I'm just not emotionally stable of jumping into this. I love you, but it really needs to wait." 

He grabbed my hips and lowered his hands to my inner thighs and broke through my lips with his tongue, he slowly ,moved his hands up to my pants and started to unbutton them.

"Grayson, stop." I said while removing his hands from my zipper.

He didn't listen and got more aggressive towards me, he unzipped my pants fully and started to take them off. 

"Grayson, stop it!" I cried out, to get him to stop I quickly slammed my fist onto his head. He didn't stop instead, he pinned me down and slowly took my panties off. 

"STOP! Please, please stop! I am begging you!" I screamed at him, while tears were falling down my face. 

He got off me, "Babe, I'm sorry, so sorry." He propped me up on his lap and he held me tight in his arms. I pushed him off me and scrambled into the front seat and put my seat belt on. He managed to get in the drivers seat and he put his seat belt on.

"We've been dating for 3 years, and you say you're not emotionally stable? What the hell, Katrina! I thought I was the best boyfriend I could possibly be! I'm tired of waiting."

"Grayson, if you were the best boyfriend you could possibly be then you would stop pressuring me into doing things with you! It's been like this for the 3 years that we've been dating! I'm sick of it." I pleaded out. 

Grayson moved his eyes up and down my body. He sighed and said, "I'm tired of waiting too." 

I said nothing to his words because there was a big gulp of pain in my throat that prevented me from talking without crying, tears started to stream down my face. I crossed my arms and looked out the window, hoping that he would the clue that I wanted to go home.



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