"Can't Expect Much"

This movella is about hardships of a young girl at age 17, she is tired of the problems with family and eventually moves in with Grayson, the love of her life. Join these two lovers on an incredible journey throughout their lives.


4. Stand Up

I walked into the dreadful place that I call home and shut the door behind me as quietly as possible, hoping my family doesn't realize I was gone.


It was strangely quiet and no one was in the kitchen, which is a rare because my mother loves to cook. 


"Where were you all this time?" My father said while crossing his arms.


"Does it really matter?" I replied,


"Yes, yes Katrina it does." He said


"And why is that?" I said sarcastically.


"It matters because I wanna know where you were and who you were with." He demaned.


"I was with Grayson and I was at Graysons house." I said.


"I told you I didn't want you seeing that boy anymore, Katrina!" He yelled.


"I don't care! He took care of me last night! He loves me, father! He loves me so much more than you do or anyone else! I don't know why you want to cause me pain and misery! I love Grayson and that's the end of it! You can break my nose and break my arms, legs or neck, but I will never call it quits with him!" I yelled back.


After I finished saying that I regretted it immediately.  My father lusted his palm across my face twice. Then he grabbed me by my neck and kneed me in the nose. I fell to the floor with blood dripping out of my nose. I ran up to my room and cried in my bed. This was too much for me, I need to call the police or something, so I did just that. I dialed 911 and filed a restraining order from my father, I decided this was going on for too long and it needed to be stopped, I wasn't aloud to stay in the same house anymore so I moved in with Grayson. He was very supportive of me and loved me for all that I've been through. This is a new beginning for me, a new journey, with the love of my life, Grayson. 

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