"Can't Expect Much"

This movella is about hardships of a young girl at age 17, she is tired of the problems with family and eventually moves in with Grayson, the love of her life. Join these two lovers on an incredible journey throughout their lives.


2. Home Life

My home life is not like a "typical girls" home life. I get called a "slut, whore, and a skank" all in one day, everday, by my own family. They call me this because I have a boyfriend, and because they hate me in general. It doesn't make sense how I get called all these things, but my sister being the fucking prostitute that she is never, does. Emphasis on the "fucking prostitute", Joella (sisters name) has slept with 7 different guys this year and my family knows about it, yet she doesn't get any shit from my family. I refrain from cutting because I know for a fact that they'll send me off to a catholic boarding school or something around those lines. It's pretty messed up when you think about it, but it's honestly just an everyday routine for me. 

I walked into the kitchen and see my dad reading a book, with a cigar in his mouth. My sister, sitting at the table painting her nails and my mom adjusting her glasses to see who it was that just walked into the kitchen.

"Katrina, where were you?" Said my mom while fluffing up her brown pin curls.

"I was with Grayson." I said while moving towards the stairs.

"You were with that pathetic scum again?" My father said while puffing his cigar and getting rid of the extra ashes. 

"He's not pathetic nor scum, I love him way more than all of my family combined and he puts up with me crying in his shoulders from all of you!" I cried out.

My dad got up and slowly walked over towards me. When he reached me, he grabbed a hold of my hair, took off his belt and whipped me multiple of times. 

"Don't you ever say that about our family again, you little bitch!" He screamed out while pushing me to the ground and letting go of my hair. The whole room went silent.

My body was just laying there as if I were unconscious, but I wasn't, I just sat there sobbing quietly. My mother walked over to me and helped me up.

She whispered into my ear, "Katrina, why don't you go up to your room and stay there while I talk to your father." 

I ran up the stairs as fast as I could and slammed my door. I rested my back against the door and slumped onto the ground and sobbed. I called Grayson and asked him to come over so he could comfort me. My eye was throbbing in pain and so was my ribs. After about 15 minutes Grayson climbed up my window and came into the room.

"Baby, oh my gosh! What happened to you!" He said in concern while running over towards me.

"He- he! He whipped me with his belt!" I cried out while throwing myself into his warms arms."  

I just sat there in his arms as he comforted me and took care of me during this time. 

"Can we please get out of this house? I asked him while sniffling and looking up at him.

 He didn't hesitate, he picked me up and climbed out of the house with me and drove with me in his lap. I felt safe in Grayson's arms and I knew I could always count on him for anything.

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