I chose skype over you

Zoey Williams was adding random people saying they were one direction what happens when she sees that this isn't fake??

and this is like pretty sexual soo..


10. The Time Has Come *steamy chapter*

Zoeys POV*
I make my way to Harrys door I think I look okay its just his opinion that worries me..
Harrys POV*
I run around the house cleaning and singing and I make my way to my room cleaning it up a bit and I run to my drawer making sure there's condoms (just in case)
and I hear a knock at the door I ran downstairs and there she is my princess
Zoeys POV*
I knock on the door waiting for him to answer and I see a shadow run downstairs and opens the door and harry looks amazing just wearing his tight-ass jeans *drool*
"hey come in"
I walk in and to my surprise its actually clean lol I expected him to be more idk messier but anyways..
"so uhh wanna watch a movie?"
he says scratching the back of his head
"yer i'd love to"
he walks over to the cabinet and picked Halloween ughh that movie is so cliché.. but it still scares the shit out of me.. I walk and take a spot on the couch and snuggle with a pillow and harry makes his way and sat next to me, it was a scary it and I jumped and he held me tight and I look him in the eyes omg those eyes I mean im in the house of a total sex god.. he saw and leant in to kiss me.
It was amazing we were breathless..
"do you wanna take this somewhere else?"
he said with his 'seductive' voice I just giggled and he picked me up bridal style up to his room..
he threw me onto the bed and he go on top off me and was examining me it was really weird..
"you are so beautiful"
he made his way down my body kissing everywhere he could and he swiftly took my top and shorts off, he came back up and was kissing my neck I moaned
"ha I found your sweet spot"
he continued to kiss me there making me moan even louder, he went down to my panties and started rubbing it; omg I swear he just made me 'wet' fuck..
"I got you where I want you now princess no going back" his eyes full of lust, he takes his boxers of and his member (sorry I cant say the 'P' word without pissing myself laughing)
was huge, my eyes widen hoping he doesn't like snap me in half and then he thrusts into me
every thrust gets deeper, I knew he could feel me quivering beneath him
"omg holy shit im.. im.. going.. to... cum...!"
"that's right baby let it out!"
we both release at the same time, that was better than I expected, he collapses beside me
"that..was..amazing.." we were kinda having trouble breathing.
he grabbed my waist and pulled me in and then I was out like a light


omg sorry if this chapter is horrible and especially the sex scene I cant write them with out pissing myself laughing cause its just so awkward especially when your boyfriend is over *wink wink* lol

~ Livvie

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